As you splash into summer with all the fun activities and water-filled adventures, think about some ways you can also make a difference for people around the world who do not yet have clean water.
On World Refugee Day we honor the courage of those who have left everything behind to seek out safety, opportunity, and so much more. Here are a few of their stories.
Teachers may not have an easy job, especially when they work in the toughest places on earth. But seeing the next generation thrive and build a brighter future is worth far more than any accolade.
It is one thing to know the statics. But it is far more meaningful to hear from those whose lives have been changed. Meet a few of the people whose lives have been transformed by clean water and hope.
Food brings us together. At birthdays. At weddings. And around the weekday dinner table. In one Tanzanian village, our local Unto partner is using food to bring people together — and introduce them to hope.
Have you ever wondered how lifesaving humanitarian aid gets to suffering people in the toughest places? Take a look at how the aid you help deliver makes its way to those who need it most.
Generosity. It sounds simple — or maybe even churchy. Yet the intentional, consistent practice of giving can profoundly affect how we and others live. Here are four ways generosity can make a significant difference.
The way Christmas is celebrated is tied to one’s faith and also to the culture in which you live. For millions of people, Christmas may be celebrated on a different day, in a different way, or not celebrated at all.
We do our best to keep the holidays focused on faith, family, and generosity. But the sparkling ads can shift our thinking. It takes time and intentionality to teach our children giving — not just at Christmastime but all year long.
On World Humanitarian Day Unto® President and CEO, Al Goff, reflects on why we should serve those living the toughest places and how we can pray for those who risk their lives working to help.
For people in the toughest places, safe, clean water is a precious commodity. How can something so freely available for some be so scarce for others around the world? Here are five tough questions about water answered.
Surviving in the toughest places is not easy. Daily people struggle to access the basic items they need. Learn more about how families build a life in unlikely places – and get a free download!
Around the world women shape the next generation. Their influence forms the world’s doctors, politicians, craftsmen, teachers, engineers, and farmers – they also have the opportunity to share the message of hope with those around them.
In the toughest places people lack access to the safe, clean water they need to survive. Unto® works with local staff teams and community leaders in areas of need to implement clean water projects. Take a look at how a well is drilled in places where people lack safe, clean water.
We face an unprecedented global food crisis. Unto® President and CEO, Al Goff, answers questions about the current crisis and how every person can do something to help.
Unlike any other generation we watch suffering in real time. Our children do too. As parents and caregivers we can teach our children to do something about the suffering they see. We can teach them to give generously. We can also teach them to pray for those in need.
Advent helps change our focus. It calls us to celebrate the simple things, to teach our families the true meaning of the season, and to share the good news of great joy to everyone around us.
As the global food crisis intensifies, more and more families are going without meals. They are having to send their children to school hungry or put them to bed at night without a meal. They cannot access or afford the food their families need to survive.
Before you help your children pack up their backpacks, spend a few minutes together exploring what school days are like for others around the world. Then use our FREE download to help your child get ready for school days by creating his/her own daily routine chart.
People are hungry and thirsty — and the two go hand-in-hand. One of the best ways we can relieve suffering for families around the world is by providing them with safe, clean water so they can also grow their own food.