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The Difference Water Makes for People in Tough Places

By Amanda DeWitt

The Difference Water Makes for People in Tough Places

Shortages of safe, clean water and a lack of sanitation and hygiene programs create the most significant source of suffering on earth. It is one thing to know the statics. But it is far more meaningful to hear from the people whose lives have been changed.

Meet just a few of the individuals you helped serve by providing them — and their communities — with access to safe, clean water and the message of Jesus.

“In addition to giving us water, we have also received the water of life from the powerful preaching we have been hearing during the stay of the team in this village. Before the team came, I was not feeling well. I had no peace, and I did not have a relationship with God. Now I am happy that I have experienced peace, and I have Jesus.” — Nyauhanga, Malawi

The Difference Water Makes for People in Tough Places

“Many times we are met with contempt by people in the community because we are leaders of a church. With the arrival of wells, many now recognize us as someone helping the community and making things better for the community. With continued exposure because of them coming regularly to the church to get more water, some start to refer to the pastor as my pastor.” — Pastor Andrés, Cuba

The Difference Water Makes for People in Tough Places

“God bless you and thank you very much. The suffering of women in this area is very great and the borehole and repaired well are very helpful. For the people in the village, this is helping you directly and now your children will not have as many illnesses. They can go to school. God bless you!” — Pastor Andrew, South Sudan

“The people in remote areas used to collect surface water contaminated with dangerous toxins, herbicides, and pesticides. Many people got sick. But now the new wells bring cool and clean water. These wells bring a healthier life because the meals and activities are no longer as toxic as before. They also heard the message of Jesus. Five families responded. Thank God. Thank you.” — Bian, Southeast Asia

The Difference Water Makes for People in Tough Places

“We never had the opportunity or the means to access safe drinking water, so we thank the church who helped us with this great project. We now have safe and abundant drinking water for free, whereas at the market drinking water is expensive and we could not afford to pay.” — Maimouna, Mali

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Published April 25, 2024


Amanda is a freelance writer whose work has appeared in Gift for Leadership, Kindred Spirit, and Christianity Today publications. She holds a M.A. in Media and Communication from Dallas Theological Seminary.