What They Wish You Knew

A Q&A with Refugees

By Amanda DeWitt

No one sees them when they slip away from their homes underneath the dark night sky. They walk for miles through dangerous terrain or board tiny boats barely seaworthy. Their journeys often take months. Finally, they settle into an overcrowded camp tucked away from civilization. 

Refugees often feel forgotten — like no one sees or understands the heartache of leaving your home, family and all you once knew behind. Today on World Refugee Day, we honor their courage to seek out safety, opportunity and so much more.

Our Unto® team members and volunteers recently spent some time with the refugees they serve. They asked questions and listened to their stories. 

We invite you to do the same. Together we are #WithRefugees.


What did you take with you when you left your country? What did you leave behind?

“I took my phone. I left behind my brother.” — Daniel*

Why did you leave your homeland? 

“No one wishes to leave their country. People flee from their homes because of instability or war. They flee because they do not feel safe. They flee from their country so they can get a better life. Because of war there was no freedom of expression in my country.” — Ajani

Can you describe your journey from your homeland?

“My first impression was that many people do it. But when I started the journey, I realized there are dangerous things around you every step, every moment. Ships sink in these journeys. But I cannot go back to my home. So I must keep going. — Khalid

What was it like arriving at a refugee camp? 

“They gave us food, clothing and a meal. They let us rest for a few hours. Then they took us to the main camp. I laugh about it now, but I was traumatized about getting on the bus. I was tired of jumping borders. And the camp was a resting place for me.” — Samuel

What do you wish people around the world knew about refugees?

“I wish they would know that they have a big reason to leave their country. No one wants to leave their home.” — Zoya

God sees and knows each refugee who has been forced from their home. They are not invisible to Him. Together we work to help refugees and others build a brighter future and experience the hope of Jesus. 

*Names changed for security purposes.

You Can Relieve Suffering for Refugees 

On World Refugee Day, you can help those who are suffering by providing lifesaving aid and sharing the hope of Jesus. Your generosity will be DOUBLED by matching funds, up to $6,000, to provide Refugee Hope Kits to those struggling to survive.

Published June 17, 2024


Amanda is a freelance writer whose work has appeared in Gift for Leadership, Kindred Spirit, and Christianity Today publications. She holds a M.A. in Media and Communication from Dallas Theological Seminary.