Campus Connections

Serving together to reach your campus and the toughest places

Today college students value serving the world around them. They seek hands-on, relevant opportunities to impact the lives of others. Our involvement with Cru® campus ministry and international field staff members positions Unto® to help you build your campus movement and reach more students.

We accomplish this through the provision of international and on-campus opportunities focused on helping students express the kindness of Jesus in the toughest places on earth by relieving suffering, restoring dignity, and revealing hope.

How will your campus connect with Unto?

Your campus can get involved with Unto when students are on campus throughout the academic year or off campus over summer or spring break. The Unto campus team offers opportunities that are specifically designed with students in mind by applying their studies on an international humanitarian trip or serving at an on-campus outreach event.

Summer Missions

Students can use their majors on mission during a hands-on, humanitarian experience.

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On-Campus Events

Unto events can help you reach more students by providing opportunities to serve.

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Spring Break

Students can participate in short-term national and international humanitarian trips.

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Summer Mission

Unto Summer Missions help you reach your campus by providing students with a hands-on, humanitarian experience. Each Summer Missions opportunity is designed so that students can apply their studies in areas like agriculture, natural sciences, nursing, public health, and more in a humanitarian context. Students will work alongside Unto and international Cru ministries as they use their majors on mission to express the kindness of Jesus in the toughest places.

On-Campus Outreach Events

Unto’s on-campus outreach events help your campus organization reach more students by providing opportunities to express the kindness of Jesus in their own campus community and around the world. On-campus events are designed to help you build your movement by engaging students, staff, and faculty on your campus. Your campus can host an event such as a:

Students will learn how to restore dignity and reveal hope to the refugee neighbor in their community.

Students will help restore the dignity of women in the toughest places on earth by making LuoPads that are provided to women during women’s health workshops.

Students will help students in the toughest places by collecting school supplies and hosting a packing event.

Students will participate in an interactive event where they will experience the realities of people in the toughest places who walk miles each day for water.

Students will experience the life of families in the toughest places on earth through an interactive simulation that illustrates the daily challenges of buying food, fetching water, and caring for children.

Spring Break

Unto Spring Break trips help your campus reach more students by providing them with flexible opportunities to gain hands-on, humanitarian experience. Students can participate in short-term national and international trips that focus on one of our initiatives like disaster relief, refugee care, critical aid, and more. Students will interact with other Cru ministries as they apply their majors on mission and use their passions to express the kindness of Jesus.

PACKHOPE Experience

Individual students or various campus clubs and organizations can provide clean water or critical aid for people living in some of the toughest places on earth by creating a personalized fundraising campaign. Students working together can bring help and hope to people living without access to safe, clean water by funding a new water well or providing lifesaving critical aid to people in the toughest places. Contact us to learn how!

Clean Water Campaign

Upcoming  Student Trips

Unto volunteer humanitarian teams work with partners in countries across the globe to serve those in need and express the kindness of Jesus. Students can take part in transforming lives through a dynamic, hands-on humanitarian trip designed specifically with them in mind.

March 7-19, 2024
Middle East


Middle East Refugee Care Vision Clinic

Refugees have entered this Middle East country in staggering numbers, having left behind families, friends, and homes to seek peace and safety. Many lack basic necessities and care. Unto® field partners in the Middle East serve the local residents as well as the thousands of refugees by supplying items such as clothing, food, and school supplies. Unto humanitarian trip teams help with another serious need — vision impairment.

On this trip, you will travel to a country well known as a tourist travel destination and for its exceptional food. You will meet with refugees and residents one-to-one to assess vision needs and provide glasses. Through this project, you will have an incredible opportunity working with refugees to show the kindness of Jesus and help Unto field partners build ongoing relationships in these communities. In addition to providing glasses through our vision clinics, we will spend a few days in the capital city working to meet the needs of at risk people groups in crisis.

No medical experience is required. Trip participants will receive vision-testing training at the beginning of the trip.

Trip Cost: $1950

Trip Dates: March 7-19, 2024

Trip Location: Middle East

Trip Leader: John


March 30-April 6, 2024
El Salvador


El Salvador Spring Break Vision Clinics (Destino)

El Salvador — a land of beautiful beaches, sprawling coffee plantations, and lush rainforests — is the most densely populated country in Central America, with 40 percent of its population living in poverty. Be part of a Unto® volunteer trip that helps relieve suffering by providing eyeglasses to many with impaired vision.

As a student on this trip, you will travel to the nation’s capital, San Salvador. The team will conduct eyeglass clinics in the city as well as in nearby rural areas. In the clinics you will meet with individuals to provide glasses and demonstrate the kindness of Jesus. You also will have the opportunity to talk with students at the local university campus to share the hope of Jesus.

No experience is required. Trip participants will receive training for eyeglass fittings at the beginning of the trip.

Students only. This trip can accommodate a maximum of 15 people.

Trip Cost: TBA

Trip Dates: March 30-April 6, 2024

Trip Location: El Salvador

Trip Leader: Wes


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