Clean Water

We help you provide access to clean water for people experiencing shortages of safe, clean water and lack of sanitation and hygiene programs.

When you partner with Unto® to provide access to clean water
  • You make it possible to drill deep water wells, repair broken ones, and provide water filters to people without access to safe drinking water.
  • You relieve people of the most significant source of suffering on earth.
  • You help ensure people have the opportunity to hear about the eternal hope of Jesus.


Small Boy Fills Bucket from Water Well

You can Meet Needs Around the World

Shortages of safe, clean water and lack of sanitation and hygiene programs create the most significant source of suffering on earth. Unto works with community leadership in areas of need to develop and carry out clean water and sanitation projects.

As the humanitarian ministry of Cru®, Unto has leveraged strategic global partnerships to relieve suffering through our Clean Water Program:

  • For nearly 30 years
  • In more than 75 countries
  • With access to Cru’s 190-country network

Partnerships with people like you make it possible for Unto to provide humanitarian assistance and coaching to our Cru national partners, giving them access to people who might otherwise be unreachable. 

In many cases humanitarian aid is the main reason authorities allow ministry to continue in some of the toughest places on earth.

Clean Water Wells

To prevent use of water sources carrying water-borne disease, Unto drills deep, water wells,  repairs damaged wells, and trains on well maintenance and repair to provide access to clean water.

Clean Water Wells

Sanitation and Hygiene

To help strengthen communities Unto provides access to clean water through water filters and training in proper hand washing, human waste disposal, and water treatment.

Water Filters

Lives are Changed

Water is freedom for people living in Chad – one of the driest countries on earth. Watch the story of Maysa and how access to clean water brought her family new hope.

For I satisfy the thirsty person and feed all those who are weak.
Jeremiah 31:25

Clean Water Stories

They Went From One Meal to Two

As the global food crisis intensifies, more and more families are going without meals. They are having to send their children to school hungry or put them to bed at night without a meal. They cannot access or afford the food their families need to survive.


Plant a Garden and Keep It Watered

People are hungry and thirsty — and the two go hand-in-hand. One of the best ways we can relieve suffering for families around the world is by providing them with safe, clean water so they can also grow their own food.


Clean Water: For More Than Just Drinking

Water sustains life and every major system within our bodies. But access to clean water does even more — protecting and promoting proper hygiene and sanitation that is essential for health and dignity.


Never Thirsty Again

Every 90 seconds a child dies of a preventable waterborne disease. Where clean water is inaccessible, water filters save lives and ensure families and communities remain safe and healthy for years to come.


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Your gift provides communities with clean, safe drinking water.

Unto partners with Rural Water Supply Network (RWSN) a network of individuals and organizations committed to improving water services for the rural poor everywhere in the world.