Give a Gift to Honor Someone Special

Celebrate a Special Person While Relieving Suffering in the Toughest Places on Earth

When you make a gift remembering someone special in your life, you are helping to relieve suffering in the toughest places on earth while providing the opportunity to share the hope of Jesus! Today you can maximize your impact by partnering with Unto® to meet people’s physical and spiritual needs.

When you make a donation, you can indicate a recipient to be notified of your gift. We will send them a personalized card – just fill out the form with their contact information.

Here is why your giving is essential.

The Memorial and Honorary Gift Fund is a crucial part of our Maximum Impact Endowment at Unto. The endowment is essential for a humanitarian organization. It:

  • Allows our teams to be nimble
  • Enables innovation
  • Provides fuel for growth
  • Positions the ministry to respond quickly to critical issues, providing humanitarian aid and creating opportunities to share the hope of Jesus

That means your gift will provide ministry support to impact orphans in need of food, families searching for clean water, and refugees who have been abandoned by local governments.

Your gifts ensure agile, effective humanitarian ministry continues in more than 40 countries around the world annually. You are maximizing your impact by ensuring a steady stream of ministry support that helps where most urgently needed both now and for generations.  

Will you partner with us to help suffering people — and share the hope of Jesus while remembering your friends or loved ones?

For nearly 30 years, Unto has leveraged strategic global partnerships and the service of dedicated volunteers to relieve suffering through humanitarian aid in more than 75 countries. Unto serves people around the world as part of Cru’s diverse, 190-country network.