Provide Clean Water for People in Tough Places

Matching Gift Doubles Your Donation Today!

Across South Sudan nearly 60 percent of people do not have access to clean water.

Years of civil war, combined with flooding and droughts, have left millions without clean water for drinking, cooking, washing, and more. Most of these people are not only suffering physically, but spiritually too.

Despite the risks of going to the toughest places — where the terrain is difficult and where violence or persecution could take place — our local Unto® field staff teams are committed to reaching the unreached. They go where most others cannot in order to provide clean water and to tell people about Jesus.

Right now you can help people in 10 countries who are ready and waiting for clean water to be provided in their communities. In order for these remote villages to have a working well, $212,000 is needed by May 31. A generous ministry partner has provided a $50,000 matching gift that will DOUBLE your donation to drill new wells and repair broken ones!

Providing clean water allows our staff members to access unreached people groups. It builds their credibility in the eyes of local authorities. And it increases their ministry effectiveness. At nearly every well-opening ceremony, the hope of Jesus is shared — and new churches are often established.

Your generosity today, DOUBLED by matching funds, will give twice as many families living in unreached areas, closed countries, and other tough places access to clean water and the eternal hope of Jesus. Our field staff teams tell us they have 30 additional well projects they could complete this year if funding becomes available — the needs are just that great! Every newly drilled or repaired well reaches a minimum of 500 suffering people with clean water and the hope of Jesus.

Will you consider a generous gift to provide TWICE as many suffering families with safe, clean water — and share the hope of Jesus?

Give Clean Water to People in Tough Places

You Helped Pastor Fadulmula Reach His Tribe

Recently, a local team member in South Sudan named Fadulmula* had the opportunity to help his own tribe have access to clean water and hope. Over the course of two weeks, people like you enabled the team to complete 10 new well projects and two well repairs in his community.

Because Fadulmula speaks the local language, he spent each day talking with the people who had gathered to watch the work. Every evening the team showed the JESUS film. Nearly 5,000 people heard the message of hope, and more than 1,400 individuals responded! Those who responded were connected to local churches, and the pastors are seeing tremendous growth.

Fadulmula shared, “This is the way that I show that I love Jesus and my people, by going to do this work in my area. I love it!”

Together there is still so much we can do. In some villages people are walking five miles each way to fetch water. Your gift is needed to save lives and share hope today!

*Name changed for security purposes

Give Clean Water to People in Tough Places