Breaking Up Dry Ground

Breaking Up Dry Ground

How Agricultural Training Makes Way for Hope By Macy Daniel Food brings us together. At birthdays. At weddings. And around the weekday dinner table. In one Tanzanian village, our local Unto® partner is using food to not only bring people together — but to also introduce them to hope! Pastor Bariki grew up in a […]

Getting Aid to the Toughest Places

Your Support Reaches the Unreachable By Amanda DeWitt Have you ever wondered how lifesaving humanitarian aid gets to suffering people in the toughest places? Many would call the tough places where Unto® serves unreachable, inaccessible, or forsaken. But together we are going to areas where very few others can access — providing lifesaving humanitarian aid […]

Christmas in the Toughest Places

How People Celebrate Around the World By Amanda DeWitt For two days in December, most of us pause to celebrate. We hang lights. Gather with family. And give gifts to friends and loved ones. The way Christmas is celebrated is tied to one’s faith and also to the culture in which you live. For millions […]

Raising a Generous Generation

 Four Ways to Cultivate Generosity in Children By Amanda DeWitt Around this time of year, children make their Christmas lists and check them twice. They marvel at the images that flash up on our screens. They notice the latest gadgets in store windows. Then they go back to their lists and add a few more […]

We Can Relieve Suffering for People in the Toughest Places

We Can Relieve Suffering for People in the Toughest Places By Amanda DeWitt They live in the toughest places — without access to the basic items they need to survive and without access to the message of eternal hope in Jesus. And yet our local staff teams and partners are determined to reach them. Together […]

Five Tough Questions about Water Answered

Why Water Really Matters for People in the Toughest Places By Amanda DeWitt For people in the toughest places, safe, clean water is a precious commodity. Families often spend hours searching for it each day. And when they cannot find it, they may be left with no choice but to drink dirty water — knowing […]

Surviving in the Toughest Places

How Families Build a Life in Unlikely Places By Amanda DeWitt Surviving in the toughest places is not easy. Daily people struggle to access the basic items they need. Wars, disasters, droughts, and other crises only make life more difficult — often forcing families from their homes with little more than the items they can […]

How Women Influence the Next Generation

How Women Influence the Next Generation By Amanda DeWitt In the eyes of a child, she is strong, brave, and beautiful. Her name is a simple word uttered no less than a hundred times a day — mom, ummi, mãe, madre, mama, ma, mum. Around the world women shape the next generation. Their influence forms […]

The Making of a Well

How We Drill Wells for People in the Toughest Places By Amanda DeWitt In the toughest places people lack access to the safe, clean water they need to survive. Women and children are often forced to walk for miles searching for a water source. As they make their way through dangerous terrain, they are also […]

Ask the Experts: The Global Food Crisis

Unto CEO Talks About Unprecedented Hunger in the Toughest Places By Amanda DeWitt We face an unprecedented global food crisis. The number of people struggling with acute food insecurity is at the highest point since World War II. In the toughest places people simply cannot afford or access the nutrition they need to survive. Unto® […]