The Making of a Well

How We Drill Wells for People in the Toughest Places

By Amanda DeWitt

In the toughest places people lack access to the safe, clean water they need to survive. Women and children are often forced to walk for miles searching for a water source. As they make their way through dangerous terrain, they are also at risk of being assaulted, attacked by wild animals, or succumbing to heat exhaustion from extreme temperatures.

Unto® works with local staff teams and community leaders in areas of need to implement clean water projects. Take a look at how a well is drilled in places where people lack safe, clean water.

Unto works with local staff teams and partners to identify communities that need water most. In places where people lack safe, clean water, they are often forced to drink dirty water as their only option — subjecting them to deadly waterborne diseases.

A site survey is done to determine the best place for the new well. Local staff teams often select a location that is near a school, hospital, or community center. They also perform a geophysical survey to increase the likelihood of hitting water.

After the well location is finalized, drilling begins. Oftentimes a large rig is used. In the toughest places water is difficult to find. So local staff teams may have to drill to a depth of 50 to 100 meters before hitting clean water.

Casing and pipes are installed for the new well. Local staff teams train villages on well maintenance and repair to ensure the well functions properly and serves the community for years to come.

A pump is installed so villagers can quickly and easily draw water. When the first few drops start to flow from the new well, their joy is unmistakable.

A concrete base, seal, and drainage are added to protect the well. This prevents the well from collapsing on itself during extreme temperatures, droughts, or flooding. It also creates a seal that helps protect the water from contamination.

The entire community gathers for the well opening ceremony. Local staff teams demonstrate how to use the well. The people sing, dance, and celebrate. The message of eternal hope is shared by a local staff member or pastor. Many times a new church is established nearby

People in the community can now freely draw water. They do not have to worry about their families contracting deadly waterborne diseases. They have all the safe, clean water they need for drinking, cooking, hygiene, livestock, growing food, and much more.

Provide Clean Water for Unreached People

In the coming months Unto plans to drill or repair in 14 countries. Many of these places not only lack clean water, but they have also traditionally been closed to the message of Jesus. The only reason why our staff teams can continue ministry is because people like you help meet physical needs. Right now a matching gift will DOUBLE your impact to help drill new clean water wells and repair broken ones — and share the hope of Jesus.

Published April 25, 2023


Amanda is a freelance writer whose work has appeared in Gift for Leadership, Kindred Spirit, and Christianity Today publications. She holds a M.A. in Media and Communication from Dallas Theological Seminary.