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Mothers in the Toughest Places

How Humanitarian Aid Helps Women Around the World By Amanda DeWitt Women are the bedrock of society in most developing cultures. Often they are forced to navigate life’s constant insecurities and challenges without adequate support. Mothers everywhere work hard to support their families. But in the toughest places they are forced to work even harder…. Read more »

Express Kindness Together

Take Your Family on a Humanitarian Quest By Amanda DeWitt We hear a lot of stories about suffering. Our children hear them too. With so much going on in our world, we all need a safe place where we can process, grow, and take action. You can help create that space — in your home,… Read more »

Webinar Library

Webinar Library

Webinar Library Webinar Date: March 15, 2022  Donor Advised Funds: Funding Your Fund, From Cash to Crypto Did you know that you can simplify your giving and increase your impact without giving cash? Donor Advised Funds are a strategic, hassle-free giving method that work very much like a charitable savings account. You can give cash,… Read more »

Leaving a Legacy of Faith Part 3

Leaving a Legacy of Faith

Maximizing Your Impact Together By Amanda DeWitt When you think about legacy, what comes to your mind? And when you look at your own life, what legacy do you hope to leave behind? For most of us legacy looks like the faces of the ones we love. We want the toddler holding our hand, the… Read more »

Leaving a Legacy of Faith Part 2

Leaving a Legacy of Faith

Passing on Generosity for Generations By Amanda DeWitt No matter who you are or where you live, you can leave a legacy of faith “Give me!” It seems to be one of the first phrases young children learn. And it tempts us even into adulthood. “Give it to me now” is a motto many people… Read more »

Humanitarian 101: Getting Started

Humanitarian Action: Clean Water

Providing Help and Hope in the Toughest Places By Amanda DeWitt What Is a Humanitarian? Look up humanitarian and you will find a variety of definitions: promoting human welfare, valuing human life, relieving suffering. To be a humanitarian means that you see people’s needs around the world, are deeply moved by their suffering, and do… Read more »

Going on Mission

How to Be a Missionary When You Cannot Travel the World By Amanda DeWitt Do you feel called to serve people around the world? Maybe you love culture and traveling to other places. And you thrive on conversations and connections. But the last few months, you have stayed at home — at times staring out… Read more »

Travel Internationally Carrying Only a Backpack

Emma Shares Packing Tips for International Travel

Tips for Packing Light for a 10-Day Trip to Anywhere By Amanda DeWitt Are you a light packer? Or do you stuff way too many items into your suitcase only to realize you did not need half the things you packed? Have you checked a bag only to find that you arrived at your destination… Read more »

God With Us

Experiencing and Living Out the Kindness of Jesus By Amanda DeWitt “The kindness you have shown me today I have not known for years. It is as if God Himself has visited me.” Helena, a 96-year-old woman from Rwanda, shared these words with our team members. She survived the genocide in the 90s by living… Read more »

Plant Seeds of Generosity with Kids

Fun Activities That Create Teachable Moments By Lara Strain “Give the toy back. Share with your friend.” You know the scenario if you are a parent, babysitter, teacher of young children, or even a bystander at a friend’s house — a child gets upset when another child plays with his toy. Most likely your response… Read more »