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Back to School

How Children in the Toughest Places Balance Learning and Life By Amanda DeWitt Brightly colored backpacks. Freshly sharpened pencils. Crisp white paper filled with straight blue lines. In just a few weeks, many children will be heading back to school. Their bright eyes will fill with wonder as they learn about math and science, language… Read more »

Where Do You Call Home?

How People in the Toughest Places Find Shelter  By Amanda DeWitt Bricks. Mortar. Wood. Straw. Mud. Fabric. Cardboard. Tarps. Stone. In the toughest places “home” takes a variety of forms. But no matter where you live, it fundamentally meets the same need in all of us. Home is a place where we gather. It is… Read more »

Ask the Experts: The Current State of Humanitarian Work

Current State of Humanitarian Work

Unto Leaders Talk About the Needs of People Around the World By Amanda DeWitt Global suffering continues to intensify, and the number of people in need of humanitarian aid continues to rise. Humanitarian experts predict that in 2022, 274 million people will require humanitarian assistance. With so much going on in our world, Unto leaders… Read more »

Finding God in Suffering

Why Do People Suffer — and Where Is God When It Happens?  By Amanda DeWitt Everywhere we turn we are confronted with an unprecedented amount of suffering. The news and social feeds make us more aware of suffering than ever before. More people need humanitarian assistance than we have seen in decades. COVID-19, wars, and… Read more »

Building a Brighter Future

Building a Brighter Future

How School Supplies Impact Children in the Toughest Places By Amanda DeWitt Brightly colored crayons. Crisp white paper. A ruler with clearly visible markings. For many families in the toughest places, the items filling this child’s bag seem like an unattainable luxury — they simply cannot afford to feed their children and purchase the supplies… Read more »

Our Humanitarian Quest: Critical Aid

Our Humanitarian Quest: Critical Aid

Providing Essential Humanitarian Supplies for People in the Toughest Places By Emily Pyatt People in the toughest places need basic care to help them build a better future. Unto® team members distribute critical aid — provided by businesses and partners like you — to meet the specific needs of suffering families, expressing the kindness of… Read more »

Running for Her Life

Relieving Suffering for Women in the Toughest Places By Amanda DeWitt When it comes to suffering, women and children face the most. Just take a look at the statistics. Over 690 million people worldwide struggle with food insecurity — 60 percent of those going hungry are women and girls. In developing countries 80 percent of… Read more »

Humanitarian 101: Trips

Humanitarian Trips with Unto

Go to the Toughest Places By Amanda DeWitt Do you have “cabin fever”? Do you find yourself daydreaming about where you could go once COVID-19 travel restrictions are lifted? This just might be your year to go on a humanitarian mission trip. “Humanity is facing the greatest crisis any of us have seen in our… Read more »

Humanitarian 101: Disaster Relief

Humanitarian 101: Disaster Relief

Providing Help and Hope When Disaster Strikes By Amanda DeWitt Raging waves tear through colorful terra cotta homes dotting a rural coastal village — survivors wonder how they will ever rebuild. A nearly nuclear-sized explosion shakes a city, instantly making thousands homeless. When crises strike people need immediate help — and hope. Disaster relief focuses… Read more »

Humanitarian 101: Critical Aid

Humanitarian 101: Critical Aid

Send Necessities to Suffering People By Amanda DeWitt Hurricane victims watch their homes wash away. Refugee families use makeshift tents to protect their children from rain, sun, and frigid temperatures. Individuals living in war zones wait in long lines just to receive a few basic supplies. Every day millions of people worldwide face harrowing situations… Read more »