Running For Her Life

Relieving Suffering for Women in the Toughest Places

By Amanda DeWitt

Running for Her Life

When it comes to suffering, women and children face the most. Just take a look at the statistics.

Over 690 million people worldwide struggle with food insecurity — 60 percent of those going hungry are women and girls.

In developing countries 80 percent of households without an on-site water source rely on women and girls to fetch the water, which takes hours every day.

Experts predict that 435 million women and girls globally will live on less than $1.90 a day by the end of 2021. Even before the pandemic 1 in 6 children lived in extreme poverty.

Girls are one third less likely to attend elementary school where they learn to read and write. Currently 132 million girls are unable to attend school worldwide. And women account for more than two thirds of the 796 million people who are illiterate.

Women living in developing countries are 25 times more likely to die from a pregnancy-related cause. Those living in rural regions are twice as likely to die from preventable, pregnancy-related deaths.

Experts predict that 1 in 3 women have been subjected to physical and/or sexual abuse in their lifetime.

The odds for women and children in the toughest places are daunting. But together we can change the statistics — giving them the help they need to build a brighter future and sharing hope for the life to come. Misra’s* story shows you how.

Running for Her Life

Misra laces up her shoes. She isn’t just going for a run — she’s running for her life.

The country where she lives is one of the most food-deficient countries in Africa. Over 42 percent of families lives on less than $2 a day, unable to afford the basics of food, clean water, shelter, and clothing. Her country is considered the second worst for women’s rights in the world. It is also extremely closed to the message of eternal hope.

That is why our local Unto® staff teams founded a track and field program — to help meet the basic needs of girls and their families and introduce them to eternal hope. Just recently Misra met the program’s head coach at a local market.

A few years ago Misra’s father passed away. She lives with her mother and five siblings. Her mother sells homemade food at the market to help the family survive. After talking with the coach, Misra joined the track and field program — and it has changed her life.

Because of the faithful support of people like you, she now receives food to nourish her body and help her impoverished family. She has a pair of running shoes, along with basic hygiene items. She has the supplies and support she needs to stay in school. And she is learning about God’s love and His plans for her life.

In countries like Misra’s humanitarian aid is the only reason ministry is allowed to continue. The humanitarian aid people like you help ship and distribute gives our in-country partners access to unreached people, credibility with local authorities, and increases their effectiveness in ministry.

Misra’s life isn’t the only one that has been changed by the track and field program. Several of her teammates live in the local junkyard village. The meals, blankets, and clothing they receive are critical for their survival. And in a country where 60 percent of women are illiterate, the gift of school supplies ensures they can receive an education and change the statistics surrounding them.

Many people in Misra’s country believe that running prevents girls from someday having children. But your support provides them with a safe environment to train and learn about the God who gives them dignity and offers them hope.

These girls want to become leaders in their country so they can help other families build a better future. They are not just running — they are running for their life.

Will you help them run?

*Name changed for security purposes.

Send help and hope to people in the toughest places

In the toughest places, women and children suffer most. And together we can give them the help and hope they need.

Right now every $10 you give ships and distributes $100 worth of lifesaving aid including meals, water filters, tarps for shelter, medical supplies, clothing, and more to people who need them most. Your support will meet immediate physical needs and provide opportunities for local staff teams to share the eternal hope of Jesus.

Published April 26, 2021


Amanda is a freelance writer whose work has appeared in Gift for Leadership, Kindred Spirit, and Christianity Today publications. She holds a M.A. in Media and Communication from Dallas Theological Seminary.