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Ask the Experts: The Global Food Crisis

Unto CEO Talks About Unprecedented Hunger in the Toughest Places By Amanda DeWitt We face an unprecedented global food crisis. The number of people struggling with acute food insecurity is at the highest point since World War II. In the toughest places people simply cannot afford or access the nutrition they need to survive. Unto®… Read more »

They Went From One Meal to Two

How the Hunger Crisis Is Affecting Families By Amanda DeWitt “It is easy for us to wake up and eat breakfast. Before it was not like that.” When an Unto® team member recently asked a family in The Gambia how the gift of meals impacted their lives, they explained it simply. Now they get to… Read more »

The Long-Term Effects of Hunger

How Food Insecurity Impacts a Child’s Future  By Amanda DeWitt Around the globe hunger and malnutrition claim lives and cripple communities. Children, women, and all people living in poverty are especially vulnerable. As many as half of children under five worldwide lack access to the nutrition they need to properly grow and thrive. Roughly 45… Read more »

Our Humanitarian Quest: Food and Agriculture

Our Humanitarian Quest: Food and Agriculture

Help Stop Hunger and Malnutrition That Claims Lives and Cripples Communities By Emily Pyatt In the toughest places on earth, food shortages are a growing problem. Many children, families, and refugees around the globe lack access to nutritionally balanced meals. In the last year global shutdowns, wars, and disasters have dramatically increased food shortages for… Read more »

Humanitarian 101: Food and Agriculture

Humanitarian 101: Food and Agriculture

Help Stop Hunger Worldwide By Amanda DeWitt The world faces a global hunger crisis unlike anything we have ever seen. Hunger was already on the rise, and now as many as 270 million people may soon struggle to have enough to eat. Food is one of our most basic needs. Experts estimate that a healthy… Read more »

A Tale of Two Girls

How the Golden Rule is Changing Children’s Lives By Amanda DeWitt Meet Anotida. She lives in the slums of Zimbabwe. She’s being raised by her grandma who not only cares for her, but also for Anotida’s mom, who is severely disabled and cannot speak. Her “home” is made of cardboard boxes and pieces of fabric…. Read more »

Starving for Hope

How Meals Open the Door to Eternal Hope By Amanda DeWitt Across the Horn of Africa, famine looms — again. Just scan news headlines, and you will see that hunger haunts the region, hunting down entire communities throughout the Horn of Africa every few years. In one country in the area, more than 5 million… Read more »

When New Life Sprouts

How a Community Garden Feeds Hungry Families and Hearts By Amanda DeWitt The earth is dry and cracked. When our local team members arrived in the Mutare district of Zimbabwe, they immediately noticed how parched the city was — both physically and spiritually. As with so many countries around the world, drought, failed crops, and… Read more »

Serving Our Neighbors

Having an Active Faith By Amanda DeWitt After both parents died, Marco came to live at a children’s home supported by our national field partner in southern Africa. When he first arrived at the home, Marco was very malnourished. But after time, love, and lots of nourishing meals, Marco recovered. Today he is a strong… Read more »

Together for the Hungry

By Stephen Hunt Harsh desert conditions and prolonged civil war resulted in severe hunger in the African country where Jani* and Sarah* live. Sarah lost her parents in the war and has no relatives to care for her. As an orphan she is especially vulnerable to hunger and its effects. Jani took her in, but… Read more »