Equip Women With Lifesaving Health Training

Provide women’s health workshops in the toughest places.

Women are the bedrock of society in most developing cultures. But many times women in the toughest places are forced to navigate life’s constant insecurities and challenges without adequate support and information. This can lead to chronic problems that affect their mental, emotional, and physical health. With only limited access to healthcare — either because formalized healthcare does not exist in their area or because it is too expensive — many of the issues women face are left unaddressed.

Local Cru® staff members in 11 countries have asked Unto® to conduct 26 women’s health workshops in 2023 at a cost of $13,063 each. In areas where our partners serve, ministry strategies depend upon the access these workshops provide. Women’s health workshops open doors for our local staff teams to meet needs, build relationships, and begin spiritual conversations.

So that we are able to keep our commitments to international field staff teams, and equip women with lifesaving health training, $339,638 is needed by August 31.

The most sustainable resource we can give women is knowledge. Each workshop provides important information that addresses women’s physical needs. Scripture is woven into the lessons that also speaks to women’s spiritual needs. These lessons help local staff teams build relationships and eventually result in opportunities for them to share the eternal hope of Jesus when the time is right.

Over the course of a three-day workshop, 30 women will participate and receive basic health, pregnancy, and childbirth teaching by trained Unto® staff members in cooperation with local teams. Your partnership will also provide women with important health-related items including: locally-produced soap, washable and reusable feminine hygiene pads (LuoPads™), and a notebook and pen plus training materials.

Will you give today to provide lifesaving women’s health workshops in the toughest places?

Equip Women With Lifesaving Health Training

You are helping give women health and hope in the toughest places

In this FRONTLINE Short, you will hear a firsthand report about women’s health workshops and how they make an impact on the lives of women.

Watch FRONTLINE Short: Health & Hope for Women to learn how the Unto Women’s Health initiative serves women in the toughest places by providing health training and spiritual care through interactive workshops.