Express the Kindness of Jesus in the Toughest Places

You can relieve suffering, restore dignity, and reveal hope through humanitarian aid

An unprecedented number of people around the world are suffering — most live in the toughest places on earth. Wars, droughts, economic shocks, and other factors have left them struggling to access the basic items they need for survival. Most have also never heard about hope.

We help you express the kindness of Jesus to those who are suffering by providing access to lifesaving supplies through the three main programs at Unto®.

  • You allow local teams to deliver meals and garden supplies to communities that need food most.
  • You enable in-country staff members to work with community leadership to develop and carry out clean water and sanitation projects.
  • You equip our partners throughout the developing world to provide necessary supplies to families struggling to survive.
Express the Kindness of Jesus in Tough Places

Expressing Humanitarian Kindness through three programs

Humanitarian Aid: Food & Agriculture

Food and Agriculture

Humanitarian Aid: Clean Water

Clean Water

Humanitarian Aid: Critical Aid

Critical Aid

Help and Hope in the Toughest Places

Shirin lives in a closed Central Asian country. As a widow and mother to several young children with disabilities, she struggles to provide for her family.

Thanks to faithful partners’ generosity, the local team was able to provide Shirin’s family with meals and share about Jesus.

That night, after the team left, Shirin had a dream about Jesus. In her dream He asked, “Why don’t you put your trust in Me?”

It was the invitation she needed. When Shirin awoke she immediately responded to the message. The next day she excitedly called our local team to tell them how her life had been transformed.

Yes, I want to give!