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The United Nations recently reported that one in three people do not have access to safe, clean water. And two in five people do not have a place to wash their hands with soap and water. Tragically, nearly 1,000 children die every day because of preventable waterborne illnesses.

You can help change the statistics for people in the toughest places! By giving a gift today you can help transform entire communities, providing families with the safe, clean water they need.

Your gift will go twice as far thanks to an $80,000 matching gift that will DOUBLE your donation to drill new wells and repair broken ones.

For people in the toughest places, you provide more than just safe, clean water. You also:

  • Relieve their suffering — Clean water prevents deadly diseases such as typhoid, cholera, and dysentery and supports healthy growth and development.

  • Restore their dignity — A nearby well protects women and children from walking for miles in search of water and hauling an average of 40 pounds of water every day. Children can attend school. Mothers can care for their families.

  • Reveal hope — Every time a new well is drilled, our staff teams build relationships and share the eternal hope of Jesus. New churches are often planted too.

Will you consider giving generously so your gift can be DOUBLED by matching funds to help twice as many thirsty people in dire need?

For people in the toughest places, your gift means more than just a well — it changes their lives and introduces them to the eternal hope of Jesus.

Give Clean Water to Families in the Toughest Places

Mabel Experienced Devastating Effects From Carrying Water

Mabel lives in a very dry region of West Africa. She used to walk for miles each day to fetch water for her family. Or she could draw what little dirty water was available from the village stream.

“Last year by this time, it was a war for water as the whole community crowded around the small running stream to fetch whatever little water came down,” she told our local Unto® staff member.

If Mabel tried to make the long walk to another water source, her body felt the effects. Recently she suffered an early pregnancy loss after carrying her heavy bucket of water home for three miles.

Faithful partners like you helped drill a new well in Mabel’s village. The first time she came to draw water, she met one of our local staff members. He shared the hope of Jesus, and Mabel responded in faith! She is so grateful for the new well and prays that more good things will come to her community.

When you give today your gift will be DOUBLED by matching funds. You will provide twice as many families with safe, clean water and share the eternal hope of Jesus!

Give Clean Water to Families in the Toughest Places