Give Clean Water to People in Tough Places

Matching Gift Doubles Your Donation Today!

Right now people in East Africa face the worst drought ever recorded. More than 24 million people do not have the clean water they need. They are at risk for deadly waterborne diseases. Without water to grow food, their children are severely malnourished. Millions are leaving their homes behind to search for water.

In the coming months, Unto® plans to drill or repair 115 water wells in 14 countries. Many of these places not only lack clean water, but they have also traditionally been closed to the message of Jesus. The only reason why our staff teams can continue ministry in these countries is because people like you help meet physical needs.

A generous ministry partner has provided a $30,000 matching gift that will DOUBLE your donation to drill new wells and repair broken ones today!

Providing clean water allows our staff members to access unreached people groups. It builds their credibility in the eyes of local authorities. And it increases their ministry effectiveness. At nearly every well-opening ceremony, the eternal hope of Jesus is shared — and new churches are often established.

Your generosity today will give families living in closed countries and other tough places access to clean water and the message of Jesus. Due to the matching gift, your donation will be DOUBLED! Every newly drilled or repaired well reaches a minimum of 500 suffering people with safe, clean water.

Will you consider a generous gift to provide TWICE as many suffering families with safe, clean water — and share the eternal hope of Jesus?

Elida Suffered Terribly — Until She Met Jesus

Elida* once followed the religion of people in her village. But instead of life and peace, her heart was filled with spiritual oppression and hopelessness. She suffered terribly from what she describes as demon possession.

In addition people in Elida’s country lack access to the safe, clean water they need. Women are forced to walk for miles searching for a water source. As they make their way through dangerous terrain, they are also at risk of being assaulted, attacked by wild animals, or succumbing to heat exhaustion from extreme temperatures.

Thankfully people like you stepped in — and everything changed. Local staff teams drilled a deep water well in her village. They also worked with a local pastor to establish a church in the community. Elida heard about eternal hope for the first time and responded to the message. Jesus set her free from the oppression she had known for so long and filled her heart with HOPE!

Today she is married to a Christian teacher. She also leads a Bible study at the church established in her community. She said, “I will serve the living God until the end of my life.”

Right now you can help families like Elida’s have access to safe, clean water — and give them the opportunity to hear about Jesus. A generous ministry partner has provided a $30,000 matching gift that will DOUBLE your donation to drill new wells and repair broken ones!

*Name changed for security purposes