Provide Safe, Clean Water for Thirsty Families

You can give people in the toughest places access to a clean water well.

“Handwashing is one of the most effective ways to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and other infectious diseases, yet millions of people across the world lack access to a reliable, safe supply of water,” the World Health Organization recently reported.

Right now you can help families who are in dire need of safe, clean water. It costs an average of $34 to provide one family with access to a clean water well, and every gift helps!

Your gift will help transform the lives of families and entire communities. Every newly drilled or repaired well serves a minimum of 500 people in the toughest places on earth! You will meet physical needs and also provide opportunities for them to hear about the hope of Jesus.

The need for safe, clean water is critical. Currently 19 percent of the world’s population is without access to clean drinking water. And 22 percent of people are without basic handwashing facilities. Most of these people live in the toughest places on earth.

Every newly drilled or repaired well provides clean water now and for years to come as community members are trained to maintain and repair the well. These projects also help our local staff teams access unreached people groups, build credibility in their communities, and increase their effectiveness in ministry. Every well-opening celebration provides an opportunity for our in-country staff members to share about the eternal hope of Jesus. New wells often become the site of new churches.

Will you give generously today to help provide safe, clean water for families in the toughest places?

Provide Safe, Clean Water for Thirsty Families

Mr. Matume’s Life Was Changed and He Had to Share It

Mr. Matume could not wait to tell people about the new life he found in Jesus.

Families in his village used to lack access to a safe, clean water well. They had no choice but to walk for miles in search of clean water — or to drink from contaminated sources. With the pandemic sweeping across the globe, their need became even more critical.

Without a source of clean water, families nearby were at risk for deadly waterborne diseases. And without the ability to practice proper hygiene, they were also more likely to contract COVID-19.

Despite travel restrictions and COVID-19 lockdowns, faithful partners like you helped drill a new well in Mr. Matume’s village. While the well was being installed, a local Unto® staff member shared about the eternal hope of Jesus, and Mr. Matume responded to the message.

He immediately joined a discipleship group with our in-country staff member and started attending church with his wife. Mr. Matume and his wife would walk over six miles to be part of the nearest Christian community.

Our team member challenged Mr. Matume to start a church in his own village. With his pastor’s blessing, he and his wife began hosting services in their home. Today the church has grown to 11 people. They are eager to tell others about Jesus.

Your support provides safe, clean water AND helps share the eternal hope of Jesus that transforms individuals, families, and entire communities by helping to provide a functioning well.

Provide Safe, Clean Water for Thirsty Families