You Can Provide Clean Water and Share Hope

It Costs Just $8 a Person to Provide Clean Water Through a Water Filter

Currently, 771 million people worldwide do not have access to basic drinking water . That means 1 in every 10 people globally cannot get to clean water and bring it back to their homes within 30 minutes . In many cases women and children spend hours searching for clean water every day. Or they are forced to drink dirty water as their only option.

You can help change that for thousands of families around the world! Every $8 you give will provide someone with access to safe, clean water through a water filter. Every gift will create opportunities for people to hear about the eternal hope of Jesus.

In the coming months, Unto® plans to send thousands of water filters to suffering people in 18 countries. The filters will provide more than 40,000 people with safe, clean water. Funding is still needed to ensure every filter reaches its destination on time.

Here are just a few examples of why water filters are so important:  

  • When hurricanes, earthquakes or other disasters strike, water filters provide immediate relief.
  • In places where wells cannot be drilled, water filters supply the only option for clean water.
  • For nomadic communities in arid conditions, water filters allow them to have clean water as they travel to seek pasture for their flocks.
  • As a way to reach the unreached, water filters help our teams build credibility in places where ministry is limited.

It costs just $8 a person to provide a family living in a hard-to-reach area with clean water through the gift of a water filter.

Will you give now to provide access to safe, clean water and share the hope of Jesus?

Clean Water Enabled Mr. Le to Experience Healing and Hope

Mr. Le’s family was very sick. He kept calling the local priest to cast out demons and heal them. But they still did not get well.

When our local Unto team member heard about the family’s situation, she hurried to their home with a water filter. She built a relationship with the family and eventually shared the good news.

Over time Mr. Le began to open up about the many difficulties his family had faced. In their Southeast Asian country, nearly 2.5 million people who live in rural areas have no choice but to drink dirty water. They do not have access to basic sanitation services or handwashing facilities either. As a result they are susceptible to illness and deadly waterborne diseases.

But thanks to people like you, Mr. Le’s family received a water filter that helped relieve their physical illness. They also learned how Jesus could relieve the spiritual oppression they were experiencing.

As the team continued to visit the family and share about Jesus’ healing power, Mr. Le began to change his mind about God. One morning he called and announced, “My whole family will accept God right now.” The team had the joy of seeing the entire family respond to the message of Jesus!

Today Mr. Le’s family is healed from the illness they experienced. They no longer practice ancestor worship. They are part of the local church and are growing in their faith. Three other families in their community also responded to the message of Jesus as a result of the relationships that were formed and the hope that was shared. And it all started the through the gift of a simple water filter!