You Can Provide Clean Water and Share Hope

Just $6 provides a family in a tough place with safe, clean water!

Today, many families living in the toughest places are forced to drink dirty water. The United Nations recently reported that 2.2 billion people worldwide have only limited access to safe drinking water.

Over the next three months, Unto plans to send 3,600 water filters to suffering families in 13 countries where clean water is critically needed. To achieve this goal, $151,308 is needed by November 30. Our in-country staff teams tell us that if funds were available, they could distribute three times as many water filters — the needs of the people they serve are just that great.

For just $6 you can provide a person in the toughest places with access to safe, clean water through a water filter. Your gift now of $60 will provide clean water for 10 families — that could be as many as 70 people! And every gift will create opportunities for people to hear about the eternal hope of Jesus.

These are not just any water filters. They are not like the ones many of us use in our homes that must be replaced several times a year. With proper care and cleaning, these filters can last 10 years! They can serve homes, schools, churches, and medical clinics. Your gift today will give families — and entire communities — safe, clean water now and for years to come!

In villages that do not have a well, water filters are the only solution for obtaining safe, clean water. In times of disaster, or in places where extreme terrain and arid conditions make drilling wells impossible, water filters provide people with their only source of clean water.

Will you give a gift today to help families have the clean water they need and the opportunity to hear about the eternal hope of Jesus?

You Can Meet People’s Immediate Need for Water

“When our people work with Christians like you, we are blessed.”

When an Unto local team shared water filters with community officials in a country closed to the message of Jesus, they said:

“We realized that when our people work with Christians like you, we are blessed. If you have any project, please come and help our community.”

In countries that are closed to the message of Jesus, providing water filters and other humanitarian aid is often the only reason why ministry is allowed to continue. By meeting physical needs, people experience the kindness of Jesus and are open to hearing about His eternal hope.

We have received encouraging stories from our local staff members after distributing water filters to people in their communities:

The Nueva Ashaninka Indigenous Community is located in the central jungle of Peru. The pastor there tirelessly preaches the Word of God since it is very difficult for people to break with their traditions. In the winter they only have very dirty and contaminated water. The filters have been installed outside the church so that the whole community can drink clean, free water, and the filters have provided an opportunity to share the eternal hope of Jesus. — Staff member, Peru

We distributed over 100 water filters to families. The staff team and a local deacon shared a message, and over 30 people accepted the message of eternal hope and decided to follow Jesus! — Staff member, Zambia

The local church invited people in the community to a water filter training. In this area the water is very dirty. This allowed the church to gain access to people and build relationships with them. After the distribution of the water filters and the training, they now have good relationships with the people and can continue to share the eternal hope of Jesus with them. — Staff member, Closed Country in Southeast Asia

Our in-country teams personally distribute each water filter supplied by people like you. At every distribution, they train recipients on how to use, clean, and preserve the filters. At the right time, they also share about Jesus.

You can join others in providing water filters to people who do not have access to clean water and open opportunities for them to hear about the eternal hope of Jesus!