Provide More Families with Safe, Clean Water

Matching Gift Doubles Your Donation Today!

For families in the toughest places, the provision of safe, clean water does more than just relieving thirst. When people like you help drill a new clean water well or repair a broken one, it transforms the entire community.

them to have safe, clean water for drinking and cooking — and their children are protected from deadly waterborne diseases. They no longer have to wash their clothes or bathe in dirty water contaminated by animals. They can irrigate their crops and grow vegetables year-round for food and income.

This year Unto® is drilling 45 new clean water wells and repairing 70 wells in 14 countries. But funding is needed to complete these projects. Thanks to a generous matching gift, your support today will be DOUBLED up to $50,000.

Access to safe, clean water is just the beginning…

For our local teams, clean water creates opportunities to tell people about new life in Jesus for the first time. After hearing the message of eternal hope, relationships are restored. Individuals experience peace. New churches are established, and multiplying disciples cannot wait to tell others about the hope they have found.

The journey of relieving suffering starts with a water well — but it ends with restoring dignity and revealing hope to individuals, families, and entire communities.

Will you give today to provide TWICE the clean water for people in the toughest places?

Not Just Water…but New Life too

Nyauhanga dreamed of having a clean water well in her community. Women in her rural Malawian village used to walk five kilometers (three miles) to the nearest water source.

When she was not able to access water, her family had no choice but to drink from dirty sources contaminated by animals. As a result her children would get sick from waterborne illnesses.

Thankfully, people like you stepped in, and everything changed! Your generosity allowed local Unto staff teams to drill a new water well in Nyauhanga’s community.

As the wife of the village chief, she was at the well opening ceremony hosted by the local staff team. That is where she heard about new life in Jesus. Here is what she shared:

In addition to giving us water, we have also received the water of life from the powerful preaching we have been hearing during the stay of the team in this village. Before the team came, I was not feeling well. I had no peace, and I did not have relationship with God. Now I am happy that I have experienced peace, and I have Jesus.

Because of the new well, local staff teams have been able to share the message of Jesus with at least 500 people. So far 322 people have responded! More than 50 people have gone through a discipleship program, and 10 people have decided to become volunteers with the local team.

God is using your generosity to transform entire families and communities through the gift of safe, clean water and access to the message of Jesus.