You Can Help Give Access to Livesaving Water

You can help thirsty families — and help transform entire communities through the gift of safe, clean water!

When you give, you will not only ensure that families have plenty of clean water — you will also open doors for our local staff members to share the eternal hope of Jesus.

Because of the increased importance of handwashing and hydration due to COVID-19, clean water is even more critical now. Our staff members are working to fulfill urgent requests for 14 new wells plus 36 well repairs — each serves a minimum of 500 people and saves countless families from deadly typhoid, cholera, dysentery, and other water-related illnesses.

But these efforts are not possible without the help of people like you.

Will you consider a generous gift today to fulfill these requests to give families safe, clean water?

For almost 30 years, Unto® has leveraged strategic global partnerships to relieve suffering through humanitarian aid. We work through an extensive network of in-country Cru® partners in over 35 countries to repair broken wells and drill new ones.

Each community well serves at least 500 people. Because of your generosity, doors are opened for sharing the hope of Jesus at each well site and new churches are often established.

Thank you for helping families who need safe, clean water. Together we are relieving suffering, restoring dignity, and revealing the hope of Jesus to people in the toughest places on earth.

Help Families Access Safe, Clean Water

The Difference a Water Well Makes

They were literally drinking black water.

 On a recent trip to Uganda, our Unto team traveled to remote villages to drill new wells, repair old ones and help local Cru partners build relationships within the communities they serve.

In one village our team member asked a mom who had come with her children to the well drilling, “Where do you usually get your water?”

She and a couple of her kids took our team on a 2.5-mile walk. They stopped at a stream that had no water — it stops flowing during the dry season.

The mom picked up a shovel and started digging. She dug around 2.5 feet and then took a bucket and scooped out black water. That was the water their family used for drinking, cooking, bathing, and everything else.

When the group returned to the drilling site, local staff members began preaching about the Provider of the clean water — the Living Water. Before the well water flowed, 14 people responded to the eternal hope of Jesus!

Later that night, after showing a film about Jesus, another 80 people decided to follow Jesus in just this one village. Near the well, local staff teams established three churches. The first Sunday they held services, more than 200 people came and heard about the eternal hope of Jesus.

Today the churches that resulted from the well opening are allowed to meet in the nearby school building. The local government was so excited about the water that they provided desks for the school. Now the children no longer have to sit on the floor! Students and teachers have plenty of safe, clean water for drinking and hygiene. The children have school supplies.

All of this was made possible because people like you gave water. This family — and their entire community — was transformed by the gift of safe, clean water and the hope of Jesus!