Provide Suffering Families with Clean Water

You can provide safe, clean water for thirsty people without access to it!

For people in the toughest places, water changes everything.

Displaced families can return home and rebuild their lives. Women can focus on their many responsibilities — instead of spending their day searching for water. Children can stay healthy and in school, without the risk of contracting a deadly waterborne disease.

Water affects every aspect of life. All of us need it for drinking, cooking, hygiene, and so much more. But water also does something else …

Drilling a new well, or repairing a broken one, is one of the most effective ways for local Unto® staff teams to serve suffering people, build relationships, and share the eternal hope of Jesus.

It costs an average of $34 to provide water for one family, and every gift helps! Your gift will help drill or repair a clean water well that will serve a community in one of the toughest places on earth.

Over the next year Unto plans to drill 104 new clean water wells and repair 89 wells in 15 countries. But for us to provide safe, clean water for families in these countries during phase I, $336,375 is needed by August 31. Each well serves a minimum of 500 people — and often many more!

Will you consider a generous gift to help provide safe, clean water for suffering families and share the hope of Jesus?

Provide Suffering Families with Clean Water

Water and Hope for Families in the Toughest Places

In one rural Tanzanian village, the need for water became so great that women were often forced to leave home for two to three days as they searched for clean water. One husband shared,

The availability of water was very hard to the extent that our wives would go to fetch water at 8 p.m. after dinner and go to the wells far away. They would sometimes go and sleep overnight, going two or three days without finding water. Finally on the third day they would come back and arrive at 10 p.m. or 11 p.m. at night.

You helped provide people in this village with a new clean water well, and today families and the entire community are thriving!

In another Tanzanian village people had been without safe, clean water for a long time. They were so grateful when people like you helped drill a new water well in their community.

Local team members shared the eternal hope of Jesus, and 17 people responded to the message. Two new churches have also been established!

In addition the local staff team was able to host a training session for 45 area pastors, equipping them to develop multiplying disciples and establish additional churches in unreached areas across Tanzania.

Your gift today will help drill or repair a clean water well in one of the toughest places on earth — providing safe, clean water for families and sharing the hope of Jesus.

Provide Suffering Families with Clean Water