Provide Clean Water for Suffering People

On World Water Day, your gift will be DOUBLED by matching funds!

On average, women and children in the toughest places walk 1-2 hours a day — and often much more — to collect water for their families. They face dangerous terrain, extreme temperatures, and physical harm. Once they collect water, they must carry their 40-pound filled container back home.

You can do something about the greatest source of suffering on earth by providing people in developing countries with access to safe, clean water. Your gift in recognition of World Water Day, now through March 22, will be DOUBLED by matching funds, up to $5,000!

This year Unto® plans to drill or repair 156 water wells, and distribute 6,650 water filters, in 23 countries. Many of these countries not only lack clean water, they are also closed to the message of hope.

Providing clean water allows local staff members to access unreached people groups. It builds credibility with local authorities. And it increases their ministry effectiveness. At nearly every well-opening ceremony, the eternal hope of Jesus is shared — and new churches are often established.

Will you give today through March 22, 2024, and have your gift DOUBLED to provide clean water for TWICE as many people living in the toughest places on earth?

Join the Wait2Hydrate Challenge

This year on World Water Day, we invite you to take the first-ever Wait2Hydrate challenge as a way to consider the suffering so many face and how you can help.

Here is how Wait2Hydrate works:

  • On World Water Day, March 22, wait two hours before hydrating — this includes water, coffee, or any other beverage.
  • While you Wait2Hydrate consider how families experience what you are every single day.
  • Let us know you are joining by signing up below.

When you sign up, you will also be entered to win special Wait2Hydrate items and have more opportunities to learn about the difference you can make on World Water Day.

Clean Water and Hope

A 14-year-old girl from Tanzania named Rejoice used to walk at least three miles a day to collect water for her family. She sometimes missed school because of the amount of time it took her to fetch water.

Even worse, the water Rejoice collected was not clean and often made her and her family sick. But it was their only option.

Thankfully, people like you helped provide water filters for families in her village. The local team was also able to drill a new clean water well in her community!

Now Rejoice spends less time searching for water. She can go to school each day. Her family no longer gets sick from drinking dirty water.

The water projects allowed local Unto staff teams to build relationships, share the message of eternal hope, and establish new churches. Today Rejoice not only has access to clean water, she also has opportunities to hear about Jesus.

Your generosity provides children and families in the toughest places with access to safe, clean water and the message of hope.