Help Give Sight in the Toughest Places

God is using vision clinics to open people’s eyes to Jesus!

The World Health Organization recently reported that over 2.2 billion people worldwide have vision impairment or blindness. Over 800 million of these struggle with daily activities but could see clearly with a pair of eyeglasses.

Vision clinics are one of the most effective methods for expressing kindness and reaching people with the hope of Jesus. Last year more than 10,300 people in 10 countries received eyeglasses during vision clinics sponsored by Unto®, the humanitarian ministry of Cru®.

You can help people see clearly, many of them who never before realized their poor eyesight could be corrected. Each gift of $3 is enough to provide someone with a pair of eyeglasses and the opportunity to hear about Jesus. That means your gift of $36 will bring clear vision to 12 people!

For nearly 30 years, Unto has leveraged strategic global partnerships to relieve suffering through humanitarian aid. Through your gift of eyeglasses you can help open doors for ministry and provide Cru staff teams with:

  • Access to otherwise unreached people groups
  • Credibility with government and community leaders
  • Increased effectiveness in their ministry work around the globe

Andre, our Tanzanian team leader, shared:

“When it comes to the various clinics … it gives [our staff] something to really make an impact that we can point people towards … to say this is God’s love towards them, allowing them to be able to even read now because they can be able to see.”

This year our Cru partners have requested more than 15,000 pairs of eyeglasses that will be distributed in 13 countries. They arrange the location for each clinic, spread the word in their communities, and organize local volunteers.

Will you help meet this critical need for thousands who long to see clearly?

Through the one-on-one interaction that a vision clinic provides, you can help relieve the suffering of those struggling to see, restore their dignity, and reveal the eternal hope of Jesus to them.

Help Give Sight in the Toughest Places

Helping a Tailor See Clearly to Work

Zacharia works as a tailor. But at 80 years of age, it was becoming increasingly difficult for him to see his work. He was among the hundreds of people who lined up at the vision clinic hosted by our local partners in his rural Tanzanian village.

After waiting in line, it was his turn to receive glasses. He tried on several pairs but could not decide which pair helped him see the best.

One of our team members found a needle and thread tucked inside a supply kit and handed it to Zacharia. Suddenly, everything was clear! Zacharia immediately knew which pair of glasses allowed him to see his work clearly.

Over the course of six days, our Tanzanian partners with Cru hosted three vision clinics in remote villages. They fitted 1,114 people with glasses. They also shared the hope of Jesus with more than 1,100 individuals and 367 people responded.

YOU can be a part of more stories like Zacharia’s — helping give clear sight and sharing the eternal hope of Jesus in the toughest places.

Help Give Sight in the Toughest Places