Rush Aid to Ukrainian People Affected by Conflict

$35 provides a Survival Kit to people in tough places including those impacted by the situation in Ukraine

Humanitarian experts predict that in 2022, 274 million people will require humanitarian assistance. With Ukraine experiencing armed conflict, that number could rise dramatically. Our local and European partners are mobilized to serve. But they need your help to supply the necessary aid to relieve suffering during this time.

People continue to struggle due to COVID-19, famine, economic shocks, conflicts, and many other factors. Families lack access to the food, clean water, and basic items they need just to survive.

Every $35 you give now provides a Survival Kit to those who have been impacted by the situation in Ukraine and other tough places — and shares the hope of Jesus.

Your support will provide things like meals, water filters, medical supplies, and other lifesaving items. Each kit is customized to the needs of those receiving it and is personally delivered by local staff teams.

Staff team leaders serving in 10 countries have requested supplies within the next three months for 7,714 Survival Kits. And gifts we receive now can be used to provide critically needed supplies to people affected by the crisis in Ukraine.

Together we can meet this need and do something about the struggles people in places like Ukraine face. We can relieve suffering, restore their dignity, and reveal the hope of Jesus in the toughest places on earth.

Will you give a generous gift today to help ensure suffering people receive Survival Kits packed with lifesaving critical aid?

Rush Aid to People Affected by Conflict