You Can Provide Relief to Earthquake Victims in Turkey

Relieve Suffering and Reveal Hope to People Affected by Disaster

One of the strongest earthquakes on record struck Turkey in the early morning hours of February 6. The devastation extended into Syria with the two countries already reporting over 40,000 casualties. The loss of life is rising hourly as rescue workers search the rubble for survivors.

The 7.8 magnitude earthquake was followed by severe aftershocks. It destroyed entire city blocks, including multiple apartment complexes, in Turkey. It also caused additional devastation in war-torn Syria, affecting millions of refugees living near the northern border. The situation is compounded by severe winter weather producing snow and near freezing temperatures.

Unto® is working with local partners to provide humanitarian aid and support. With an extensive network on the ground, we are uniquely positioned to relieve suffering through humanitarian aid.

Thanks to generous ministry partners, Unto meets critical needs for victims of natural disasters worldwide by providing food, water, shelter, and other resources — while building relationships that give our teams opportunities to share the hope of Jesus. Humanitarian relief supplies include items such as:

  • Meals for hungry families
  • Blankets to help displaced people weather harsh winter conditions
  • Tarps for emergency shelter
  • A supply of water when water sources are compromised

We invite you to join with us to equip local partners as they respond to this disaster. Your gift will meet immediate critical needs in times of crisis, provide disaster relief to people living in some of the toughest places on earth like Turkey, and help them rebuild their lives.

Will you give a gift today to support the Unto Disaster Relief Initiative and meet people at their greatest point of need? Because we deliver aid through trained ministry teams, relationships are built, and at the proper time conversations about the eternal hope of Jesus can take place.

Thank you for expressing the kindness of Jesus through humanitarian aid — many people will be helped, and hope will be revealed, because of your generosity.