Suriname Vision Clinic

Suriname is the smallest country in South America.  It is covered with beautiful tropical rainforest. Suriname gained it independence the Netherlands in 1975.  It is considered to be culturally caribbean.  Dutch is the official language, however creole based English is also spoken.

Be part of an Unto® volunteer trip that helps relieve suffering by providing eyeglasses to many with impaired vision.

The team will conduct eyeglass clinics in the city, as well as in nearby rural areas. During the clinics, as you will meet with individuals to provide basic vision testing and needed glasses, you will be able to demonstrate the kindness of Jesus. You might also have the opportunity to talk with students at the local university campus to share the hope of Jesus.

Accommodations will be camp style all woman in one dormitory and all men men in another one.

No experience is required. At the beginning of the trip, participants will receive training for vision testing and fitting eyeglasses.