North Africa Vision Clinic

Imagine being unable to see clearly the faces of your family and friends or being unable to work because you cannot see well enough to read. Millions of residents in North Africa experience impaired vision and struggle with issues such as these. You can help solve this problem for many of them by providing a simple pair of glasses.

By joining Unto® as a member of this mission team, you will travel to a desert nation to host eyeglass clinics. At the clinics you will have opportunity to interact with hundreds of local people one-to-one as you assess their vision and provide glasses. In so doing, you will demonstrate the kindness of Jesus.

Through this project, our field partners will be able to build relationships with individuals and families and show them Christ’s love and hope.

Time will be allotted for sightseeing and experiencing local culture.

No medical experience is required. At the start of the trip, participants will receive training for testing vision and fitting glasses.