Middle East Refugee Care Vision Clinic

Refugees have entered this Middle East country in staggering numbers, having left behind families, friends, and homes to seek peace and safety. Many lack basic necessities and care. Unto® field partners in the Middle East serve the local residents as well as the thousands of refugees by supplying items such as clothing, food, and school supplies. Unto humanitarian trip teams help with another serious need — vision impairment.

On this trip, you will travel to a country well known as a tourist travel destination and for its exceptional food. You will meet with refugees and residents one-to-one to assess vision needs and provide glasses. Through this project, you will have an incredible opportunity working with refugees to show the kindness of Jesus and help Unto field partners build ongoing relationships in these communities. In addition to providing glasses through our vision clinics, we will spend a few days in the capital city working to meet the needs of at risk people groups in crisis.

No medical experience is required. Trip participants will receive vision-testing training at the beginning of the trip.