Every $35 you give provides a Survival Kit of lifesaving aid!

Refugees, impoverished families, and many others struggle to access the critical items they need for survival — things like meals that nourish frail bodies, water filters that protect families from deadly waterborne diseases, and soap to keep children healthy during the pandemic.

In the toughest places people simply do not have access to necessary supplies. That is why a leader within the United Nations recently described the aid to refugees in war-torn areas as “… the only lifeline they have.” 

In many of the places where Unto® staff teams serve, humanitarian aid, provided by people like you, is the only help suffering people receive. Right now you can help supply the lifesaving critical aid people in the toughest places need to survive. 

Just $35 puts a Survival Kit into the hands of a suffering person or family. That means your gift today will provide lifesaving items like meals, blankets, water filters, medical supplies, and more.

Because of the ongoing effects of COVID-19, the humanitarian needs around the world are greater than ever. While much of the aid Unto ships is donated or purchased at deep discounts, we still need funding to purchase water filters, hygiene items, tarps for shelter, medical supplies, and more. 

Right now $135,000 is needed by July 31 to ensure we can provide critical aid to people in five countries. Each Survival Kit is customized and personally distributed by our in-country staff teams and partners who also build relationships and share the eternal hope of Jesus at the right time.

Every $35 you give now will provide a Survival Kit, packed with lifesaving critical aid, to a a refugee or family struggling to survive.

Will you give today to meet essential needs and share eternal hope with people living in the toughest places on earth?

Rush Critical Aid to Suffering People

Francis Met Jesus in a Dream and Experienced New Life!

“I want a new life,” Francis* said.

A local Unto staff member, Martha, met Francis at a clinic for refugees in the Middle East. During these clinics women receive lifesaving critical aid, basic health training, and hear about the eternal hope of Jesus.

As a refugee Francis endured a lot in her lifetime. She fled her home country due to war, leaving everything she owned behind. She lives in a makeshift tent within a refugee camp and often feels hopeless. In her new country refugees are not permitted to work. So she completely relies on the humanitarian aid provided by people like you.

As Francis’ physical needs were met, her heart softened to the message of eternal hope in Jesus. She began praying and even had a dream about Jesus. In her dream Jesus offered her a drink of water that would give her healing — the new life she longed to experience.

Martha helped Francis understand the new life Jesus gives. She gave Francis time to think and process. A few weeks later when Martha visited, Francis announced that she was ready to respond. The two women prayed together, and Francis gave her life to Jesus!

That is the difference your gifts make. When you give someone a Survival Kit — filled with the critical aid they need to survive — you meet their immediate physical needs. And you give our local staff members opportunities to build relationships and share the eternal hope of Jesus at the right time.

*Names changed for security purposes

Rush Critical Aid to Suffering People