Rush Survival Kits to Suffering People

Every $35 you give provides Lifesaving Aid and shares hope!

The trembling has not stopped…

Ever since a 7.8-magnitude earthquake devastated parts of Turkey on February 6, people there have been living in constant fear. They have experienced thousands of aftershocks. The ground continues to literally tremble beneath their feet. They are also trembling within — traumatized from all they have seen and continue to experience.

Right now you can help those who are suffering in Turkey and other tough places. By providing a Survival Kit, you can supply local Unto® partners with aid they can customize to meet the needs of those they are serving.

The kits usually include items like meals, water filters, blankets, and hygiene supplies. Every $35 you give today provides a Survival Kit for someone struggling to survive — and gives them the opportunity to hear about Jesus.

You can be a part of relieving suffering and revealing hope in the toughest places on earth. When you rush a Survival Kit to an individual or family, you help meet their immediate physical needs. You also help create opportunities for them to hear about eternal hope.

For just $35 you can send a Survival Kit and put lifesaving items into the hands of those who need it most.

It will take years for people in Turkey to rebuild their lives. Thousands of families are still in serious need of food, clean water, shelter, and basic hygiene items.

You can ensure they receive the help they need now and for the long haul. Our local partners are still on the ground and are committed to helping them recover. They will personally distribute the supplies you give. They will also seize opportunities to tell people about Jesus.

Will you consider a generous gift today to rush Survival Kits to earthquake victims and others who are suffering?

Eren Felt Like He Lost Everything

During a recent trip to Turkey, our Unto team member met Eren*. As the two built a relationship, Eren opened up.

The night of the earthquake, Eren had been out with four of his best friends. He encouraged them to stay at his family’s home for the night. Instead, they each chose to go home. Then the earthquake hit.

Eren’s family was spared. But as he went around to each of his friend’s homes, he could hear people calling out from inside the rubble. One by one he pulled his best friends and his girlfriend out — but none had survived. He pulled their families out. He pulled his girlfriend out. But all were lost.

Four weeks after the disaster, Eren recounted his story to our team member for the first time. “I feel like I’ve lost everything,” he said.

Eren has seen Christians actively serving. He has heard the message of Jesus. He felt safe in that moment to share his grief. Local church partners will continue to follow up with him and his family and ensure they have what they need during this difficult time.

*Name changed for security purposes