Send Aid and Share Hope in the Toughest Places

You can help people struggling to survive this winter

Today so many people are suffering. More refugees are fleeing war torn areas. More children are facing hunger. With winter approaching even more people will soon require humanitarian assistance just to survive.

You can help! Every $35 you give now puts a Survival Kit into the hands of a suffering individual or family — and helps share the hope of Jesus. Your gift will distribute lifesaving items such as meals, water filters, tarps for shelter, medical supplies, and more.

Over the next three months, Unto® plans to distribute 7,714 Survival Kits to suffering people in 9 countries. But to provide these lifesaving supplies, $270,000 is needed by the end of the year.

Survival Kits are unique since they allow our local staff members to customize the aid for people in their communities. Each kit may continue different items based on age, medical needs, or circumstances. They are personally delivered by our staff members and help create opportunities for them to share the message of Jesus.

That is why your gift today is so important! For just $35 you can rush a Survival Kit to an individual or family facing winter now — and give them the opportunity to hear about the hope Jesus gives now and for all eternity.

Will you give today to help send aid and share hope with people in the toughest places?

Help and Hope for War

Since the war in Ukraine began, Unto has partnered with local Cru® staff teams to assist suffering people. Partners like you provided enough Survival Kits to fill four huge containers of humanitarian aid that have been shipped to the area in the last few months. Local staff members report that many people are responding to the message of hope in Jesus as they experience kindness from people like you.

But with winter arriving even more people need our help now! The National Team Leader in Ukraine recently shared,

People are at risk of freezing in light of a potentially harsh Ukrainian winter and the high costs of electricity coupled with bottled gas shortages. Displaced people from the East of Ukraine are everywhere. Many cannot afford electricity and gas. Blankets, coats, food, and other supplies will be critical in a winter where the temperature runs from 14 degrees to even -13 degrees. Any help we can get will help people survive.

Together with you we are serving refugees fleeing war, children facing hunger, and those facing harsh winter conditions. Every $35 you give now puts a Survival Kit into the hands of a suffering individual or family — and helps share the hope of Jesus.