$35 rushes a Survival Kit and shares the eternal hope of Jesus with refugees and other suffering people

They are literally one step away from extraordinary tragedy. In Afghanistan people fear a knock at their front door — knowing it could be ruling forces who have come to take away their family, wives, or little girls.

If they try to flee their homes, more danger awaits them as they attempt to escape their country. The trauma of leaving everything behind haunts them, and they wonder how they will feed their children and shelter their family in a foreign land.

Right now you can help refugees and families who are facing unimaginable crisis. It takes just $35 to provide a Survival Kit — packed with lifesaving items like meals, water filters, tarps for shelter, winter coats, hygiene items, and other critical aid.

Unto® local staff teams in Central Asia and the Middle East are mobilized to help. They plan to be the first to distribute aid and express the kindness of Jesus to refugees and families who have endured so much and now struggle to survive in a new land.

Our goal is to provide as many Survival Kits as possible to help people facing overwhelming suffering. Each kit is packed with critical aid and is customized to the needs of those receiving it. Local staff members personally distribute the kits and build relationships with those served. At the right time they will also have opportunities to share the hope of Jesus.

Will you give now to provide Survival Kits to refugees, families, and others living through unimaginable crises? 

Your gift will make a tangible difference in the life of a suffering individual or family and share the eternal hope of Jesus.

AFGHANISTAN CRISIS — You Can Help Suffering People

War Nearly Cost Fareed His Life — Then He Learned About Jesus

Even before the current situation in Afghanistan, a refugee crisis existed. Over 82 million people have been displaced from their homes. It is the highest number since World War II, and the problem is not slowing down. Famine, drought, conflicts, and disasters continue to force people from their homes — people like Fareed*.

Fareed and his family live as refugees in a Middle Eastern country. During the war in their homeland, Fareed was struck with two bullets while buying bread for his daughters. He was rushed to a neighboring country where he underwent several operations to save his life. His family was able to join him, but they struggled to access even the most basic items necessary for survival.

Fareed noticed how our local staff teams came to help them and started asking spiritual questions. After hearing about the eternal hope of Jesus, Fareed and his whole family responded in faith. Our local staff member shared,

“They love Jesus very much, and you can see the joy of Jesus on his face as he tells how much Jesus loves him.”

That is the difference your gift makes for people in the toughest places. As people experience the kindness of Jesus, they want to know more about Him. As a result they receive help for today and hope for all eternity.

As people face unprecedented suffering, we have an unprecedented opportunity to reach Afghan refugees and others like them in the toughest places with help and the hope of Jesus.

*Names changed for security purposes