Help People Facing Unprecedented Suffering

Matching Gift Doubles Your Impact Where Most Urgently Needed

The suffering of people around the world continues to intensify. Since 2020 the number of individuals requiring humanitarian assistance has increased dramatically.

This year an unprecedent number of people — 339 million — will need lifesaving aid. To put it another way, that means ever one in 23 individuals lack access to the food, clean water, or basic items they need. Wars, disaster, famine, and other crises continue to leave people struggling to survive.

At times like these, faithful Unto® partners like you make all the difference by tangibly meeting needs and sharing HOPE with those living in the toughest places on earth. Any gift you give to the Maximum Impact Fund by August 31 will be DOUBLED to help where most urgently needed and relieve suffering for twice as many people!*

Right now you can express the kindness of Jesus to individuals and families who often have no other source of help or hope. Our international staff teams are counting on us to fulfill our commitments this fiscal year. The people they serve urgently need meals, clean water, clothing, and other basic items just to survive.

Local Cru® staff members use the aid you help supply to access unreached people groups, build credibility within their communities, and increase ministry effectiveness. As they personally distribute aid and serve those in need, they will also build relationships and share the message of Jesus when the time is right.

Would you give now to make the maximum impact and help relieve the unprecedented suffering of people in the toughest places?

*Qualifications for the match Match applies to gifts to the Maximum Impact Fund, up to a total of $100,000 before August 31, 2023, that meet one of the following criteria:

    • From a new donor
    • From anyone who did not give in 2022
    • From an existing donor, with a gift amount larger than their previous gift