Share Help and Hope in the Toughest Places

Your Gift Will Be Matched to Provide More Lifesaving Aid

Experts estimate that over 1 billion people worldwide do not have an address — and the basic human rights that go with it. This issue is far more serious than just having a way to describe where they live to their neighbors.

Families without an address lack access to clean water and sanitation services. They have no way to preserve food or protect their children from extreme temperatures. And without an established means for identifying the residents, they often have no way to obtain clothes, shoes, hygiene items, education, or other benefits provided by traditional agencies.

But thankfully hope does not have an address — and because of faithful partners like you, people in the toughest places can receive the humanitarian assistance they need to survive.

When you partner with Unto®, you express kindness to individuals and families in places other organizations cannot go — relieving people’s suffering and sharing the hope of Jesus.

Because generous ministry partners are providing a matching gift of $60,000 until August 31, your gift to Unto can be doubled to impact TWICE as many people!

Our international staff teams in nine countries are counting on Unto to fulfill our commitments this fiscal year. The people they serve urgently need meals, clothing, medical supplies, and more just to survive. Local Cru® staff members personally deliver the aid you help supply, build relationships, and share the hope of Jesus at the right time.

A total of $720,801 is needed by August 31 for Unto to stay on target with current promises to our international staff members — providing essential ministry support where most urgently needed across our three program areas: Food and Agriculture, Clean Water, and Critical Aid.

Your gift to the Maximum Impact Fund by August 31 will help meet the most urgent requests from the field — providing lifesaving aid and opportunities to share the eternal hope of Jesus with people in the toughest places. 

Thank you for considering this important request to serve individuals and families in the toughest places, including those who do not even have an address. Together we are relieving their suffering, restoring their dignity, and revealing hope.

Share Help and Hope in the Toughest Places