Rush Lifesaving Aid to the Toughest Places

Every $10 you give delivers $100 worth of lifesaving aid

The number of people in need of humanitarian assistance continues to increase. More and more people in the toughest places cannot access the basic items they need to survive. Now is our opportunity to provide help — and share hope.

Local Unto® staff teams in nine countries are counting on us to deliver 11 HUGE containers of lifesaving aid over the next four months. Team members in Central Asia, the Middle East, and Latin America use the aid you help deliver to access unreached people and share the eternal hope of Jesus. But in order for these shipments to arrive on time, funding is needed by July 15.

Every $10 you give now helps deliver $100 worth of lifesaving meals, water filters, tarps for shelter, and more to suffering people in the toughest places. All the aid has been donated or purchased at deep discounts, so your gift goes ten times as far to help our staff teams tangibly meet needs and share hope with those in critical need.

When you give to deliver aid, you help …

  • Prepare previously donated or discounted items
  • Ship lifesaving aid to closed countries and other tough places
  • Meet tangible needs of suffering people
  • Share eternal hope with those who might otherwise be unreachable

Will you donate today to deliver TEN TIMES the aid to suffering people in the toughest places?

Alina Discovered the Truth About Jesus

Like most people in her closed Central Asian country, Alina* followed the majority religion. She believed Jesus was a prophet but nothing more.

When local Unto staff team members came to her village distribute aid, Alina gladly welcomed them. She was so grateful for the food and clothing she received, and she listened as they talked about Jesus.

At the end of their visit, Alina shared about her friends who also needed help. The staff team was happy to provide them with meals as well.

Alina insisted on going with them as they visited each person. At each home she watched our team members express the kindness of Jesus in a tangible way, and she listened as they talked about His eternal hope.

A few days after delivering aid, Alina contacted our local staff team. She needed to talk with them — she had seen Jesus in a dream.

Alina told them her dream about how she had met Abraham, Isaac, and Jesus. At first she thought she was meeting three of the main prophets in her religion. But then Jesus walked up to her and said, “You’ve heard about me. You know I’m the way. It’s time to start following me.”

Suddenly, Alina realized that Jesus was more than a prophet. And she eagerly wanted to follow Him. Our local staff members prayed with her as she joyfully responded to the message of eternal hope.

Today Alina is part of a house church in her village. Over the past six months, our team members have watched as others have also experienced the kindness of Jesus and responded to His message. Six new house churches have been established in this previously unreached area!

In closed countries like this one, your generosity is multiplied to make an eternal impact on those who have never heard about Jesus.

*Name changed for security purposes.