Send Lifesaving Aid to the Toughest Places

You can help refugees, impoverished families, and people living in closed countries

With so much going on in our world, a record number of people are in need of humanitarian assistance. Right now Unto® has nine HUGE containers of lifesaving humanitarian aid staged to be shipped. 

To enable the supplies to reach their destinations on time, $243,000 is needed by June 30.

Every $10 you give assembles, ships, and distributes $100 worth of lifesaving aid and shares the hope of Jesus! Your donation will put meals, clothing, tarps for shelter, hygiene items, medical supplies, and more into the hands of suffering people who struggle to survive.

Each shipping container is packed with lifesaving aid and will serve at least 26,500 people waiting in areas like:

  • The Middle East where the refugee crisis continues, and families need meals, water filters, and tarps for shelter just to survive.
  • Central Asia where news doors for sharing hope have opened as political instability leaves people in need of basic items like meals, clothing, and hygiene items.
  • Latin America where COVID-19 and economic depression have left impoverished people in even greater need of meals, clothing, medical supplies, and more.

The lifesaving items have been donated or purchased at a deep discount, so all that is needed are the funds to transport and distribute them. Every $10 you give today ships $100 worth of supplies.

Will you give today to ship aid and share hope with suffering people in the toughest places?

You Helped Halifa Discover New Life in Jesus

Halifa* lives in one of the poorest neighborhoods in Lebanon. Even before the port explosion that damaged her apartment building, she and her husband struggled to survive.

After the deadly blast Halifa reached out to our local staff team seeking assistance. They visited her small, almost empty apartment and provided her with meals. They also shared about the hope of Jesus.

A month later the team returned, bringing more supplies to help meet basic needs. Halifa was so grateful and began asking questions about faith.

The team shared about Jesus, the Bible, and how to pray. Halifa began praying for a job, and God answered her prayers.

The next time the team visited, she told them, “Since the day I met you, my life has completely changed. Thank you for introducing me to Jesus; thank you for bringing me into the truth. I am so happy and feel so blessed.” 

 That day Halifa responded to the message of eternal hope. And she has never looked back!

Unfortunately, Halifa’s husband rejected her after she became a believer. Although the cost was high, she boldly stayed faithful to Jesus.

She continues to attend a women’s discipleship group and is growing in her faith.

Your gifts help meet the tangible need of people like Halifa — giving them courage to persevere in faith — despite the adversity they face.

*Name changed for security purposes.

Send Lifesaving Aid to the Toughest Places