Provide Meals and Hope in Tough Places

Every 30 cents feeds someone — and shares hope in the toughest places

When we hear about the millions of people around the world facing severe food shortages, it can feel overwhelming. With problems here in America as well, what should we do? How can we make a difference when the needs are so great?

We cannot save everyone in the world who is hungry. But we can make a difference — one life at a time.

By providing meals through Unto®, you are not only meeting critical physical needs, you are also opening up doors for our local staff to reveal the HOPE of Jesus. Lives are not just changed today, but for eternity.

For less than $1 a day, you can provide three meals for those who are struggling to survive. With every meal you give, you express the kindness of Jesus to someone living in the toughest places on earth.

Over the next four months, Unto plans to send more than 1.8 million meals to suffering people in 13 countries. Six of the countries are at risk for acute food insecurity, and three of them are already in the grips of devastating famine. People are starving and in critical need of the essential nutrition you can supply.

In many of the countries where we serve, people have not yet heard the gospel and other agencies are not able to gain access. Most people have never experienced humanitarian kindness or heard about God’s love for them. Together we can change that by providing them with the nutrition they need to survive. By meeting tangible needs, we can also enable our in-country staff teams to build relationships and share the eternal hope of Jesus when the time is right.

Will you help one child, one family, or one community today?

A Full Meal and Hope

Because of economic challenges in her home country, Rita’s* parents struggle to find work and provide for their family’s basic needs.

Rita can still remember how she used to wish for more food during her family’s once-a-day mealtime. Now she and five of her siblings walk to the feeding program hosted by local Unto partners.

Every day the children are served a hot meal and can eat as much as they would like. They are also learning about the Bible and how to pray. Because of faithful partners like you, Rita and her family are experiencing the kindness of Jesus and hearing about His eternal hope.

That is the difference your gift can make! For just 30 cents per lifesaving meal, you can meet the critical needs of the hungry and open doors for the eternal hope of Jesus to be shared through our local staff.

*Name changed for security purposes.