Rush Lifesaving Meals to Hungry Children

Every 30¢ provides a meal and shares the hope of Jesus

The United Nations recently reported that one in ten people globally are afflicted by hunger. In Western Asia, the Caribbean, and Africa, one in five face hunger. 

Over the next three months, Unto® plans to send more than 1.3 million meals to children and individuals in eight countries who are facing food insecurity or famine. Six of the eight countries where we are sending meals are within the three regions where food insecurity is the highest. People in these places need your help now!

It costs just 30 cents to provide a meal for a child or individual living in the toughest places on earth — and to create opportunities to reveal the hope of Jesus.

While many organizations struggle to get aid into tough places, Unto continues to relieve suffering through humanitarian aid. That is because for more than 30 years we have partnered with local Cru® staff members who serve in more than 190 countries worldwide.

Our local staff members and partners live in the communities where they minister and build long-term relationships with the people they serve. They are focused on meeting not only physical needs, but spiritual ones too.

You can help by providing meals and so much more to those who are hungry. It costs just 30 cents to supply a nutritious meal to someone struggling to survive — and give them the opportunity to hear about the hope of Jesus.

Will you help rush meals to children and others facing food shortages and express the kindness of Jesus to them?   

Young Boys Were Fighting with Machetes on the Street

In South Sudan it is not uncommon for children who have lost their parents to be forced onto the streets. Many times these children fall into gangs. Fighting among these gangs is common.

One day Pastor John, a local Unto partner, stumbled upon two opposing gangs fighting each other with machetes. His heart broke at the sight, so he walked up to them and told them to stop.

“We’ll kill you instead!” they told Pastor John.

“Wait, just give me five minutes and listen,” he boldly responded.

He began talking to the boys about Jesus. As he spoke they laid down their weapons. When he finished they asked him, “What do you have for us?”

Pastor John couldn’t just leave the boys on the street . He fed them. Gave them a place to stay. And continued sharing about the hope of Jesus. That was only the beginning …

Today more than 340 orphaned children, who once lived on the streets of South Sudan, are served through his ministry  Thanks to faithful partners like you, the children receive nourishing meals and other lifesaving aid. They also receive an education, vocational training, and learn about God’s love.

It costs just 30 cents to provide a meal for a child living in the toughest places on earth — and to give them the opportunity to hear about Jesus.