Give School Supplies to Kids in Tough Places

Fill their future with potential, one pencil at a time

Globally more than 72 million elementary children are not in school. Without an education children’s future success is severely limited. They face limited earning potential and life-changing barriers to employment.

Through the simple gift of a school supply pack, you can help change their future.

Your donation will purchase school supplies for children who need it most — and provide opportunities for them to learn about the eternal hope of Jesus. The school supply packs you help provide will be personally delivered by our international staff members who live in the same communities as the children receiving them.

You can help ensure that children living in the toughest places on earth will have the items they need to receive an education. Will you consider a generous gift today?

Give School Supplies to Kids in Tough Places

Do Not Underestimate the Small Things

Recently Unto team members in the Middle East had the opportunity to visit a refugee family from Iraq. The mother is battling cancer. Because they are refugees, the father cannot work. They struggle to provide food and other basic necessities for their three children.

Our local staff team was able to provide warm coats for the children during their visit. They were overjoyed! Our team member shared:

Do not underestimate the little, small things. When we visited them, we gave their children new jackets and that put such a joyful smile on their weak faces.

These children received new jackets because people like you provided the funds to ship them to their country. Without funding for shipping and distribution, lifesaving containers of aid do not get loaded and shipped. And critically needed supplies do not make it to their destinations.

Unfortunately, this really happened in 2016. Funds for shipping were short, and we had to cancel six containers that were promised to our field teams. As a result they were unable to gain access to people in some areas. The people did not get the food and critical supplies they needed. Opportunities to share the hope of Jesus were limited.

Together we can ensure that does not happen again!

The needs of people around the world can feel overwhelming. But do not underestimate the small things. We serve a God who can take a little and make it into a lot.

Do not despise this small beginning, for the eyes of the Lord rejoice to see the work begin (Zechariah 4:10a).

Every $1 ships and distributes $10 worth of lifesaving aid and shares hope. You can be a part of helping suffering people in the toughest places experience the kindness of Jesus through humanitarian aid by giving now!

Help Ship Aid and Share Hope With Suffering People