Serve Victims of Conflict in the Middle East

Relieve Suffering and Reveal Hope to Victims of Conflict in the Middle East

On Saturday, October 7, the Middle East was rocked by the worst conflict they have seen in years. So far over 3,000 people across the region have lost their lives — and the number of casualties is rising dramatically. 

Unto® is working with local partners in the area to determine how we can serve all innocent victims of this conflict. Until we have the necessary access to begin humanitarian work, we are formulating plans and strategies to best serve those who are suffering. 

Our trusted partners have a longstanding history and understanding of the region’s complexities and will proceed with wisdom and caution. Join us to first pray for God’s comfort to surround the brokenhearted. We invite you to join us as we work alongside our local partners as they respond to this crisis.

You can help by providing lifesaving critical aid to people affected by the situation in the Middle East who struggle to access the basic items they need to survive. 

Humanitarian relief supplies include items such as:

  • Meals for hungry families
  • Blankets to help displaced people weather harsh winter conditions
  • Tarps for emergency shelter
  • A supply of water when water sources are compromised

We serve people regardless of race, religion, tribal affiliation, or gender. We value humanity, independence, neutrality, and impartiality, and although we seek to offer every recipient the good news of Jesus, we strongly believe aid and relief should never be used for coercion. Unto does not receive governmental monies so we can help all people without limitation. We specialize in going to tough places where most traditional aid agencies do not go.  

Will you give a gift today to support the Middle East Relief Initiative and meet people at their greatest point of need? Because we deliver aid through trained ministry teams, relationships are built, and at the proper time conversations about the eternal hope of Jesus can take place.

Thank you for expressing the kindness of Jesus through humanitarian aid — many people will be helped, and hope will be revealed, because of your generosity.