You Can Provide Meals for a Hungry Child

Just 30 cents provides a meal to a child facing starvation.

Right now 132 million people do not know where their next meal is coming from — and that number could double by the end of the year.

Because of COVID-19 and the resulting economic fallout, mass unemployment, and supply chain disruptions, people who already faced food insecurity are now struggling to survive.

You can help rush meals to people in critical need. Every 30 cents you give provides a meal to a hungry child or family. Your gift will put nutritious meals into their hands — and provide opportunities for our local Unto staff members to share the kindness of Jesus.

Across the world our local staff members tell us that people have lost their jobs due to COVID-19 lockdowns and cannot afford food. People are going hungry, with little to no access to food, healthcare, or other necessities. 

The situation seems overwhelming, but you can make a difference! 

With your help Unto® will deliver 248,000 meals to people in nine countries in Africa, the Middle East, and Latin America. Together we can meet this goal before the end of the year and save people from starvation.

While many organizations are struggling to get supplies into tough places, Unto continues to relieve suffering through humanitarian aid by leveraging strategic global partnerships through the Cru® 190+ country network. Our local staff members and partners distribute the meals to families in need, build relationships, and share the eternal hope of Jesus at the right time.

Your gift can save lives and reveal hope. Just 30 cents is all it takes to make a real, eternal difference in a hungry child’s life.

You Can Provide Meals for a Hungry Child