Rush Meals to Children Facing Starvation

Every 30¢ sends a meal and shares the hope of Jesus

As the global food crisis continues, war, drought, economic shocks, and other factors have left people in the toughest places unable to access the nutrition they need to survive. Many of these individuals are cut off from help — and have very little access to the message of Jesus.

Together we can help them. Within four months Unto® plans to send 1.8 million meals to suffering children and their families who are struggling to survive. Of the 13 countries where meals are being sent, six of them do not allow the eternal hope of Jesus to be openly shared.

For less than $1 a day, you can provide three meals for people facing food insecurity or famine. You will also create opportunities for local staff teams to share the eternal hope of Jesus with those who might otherwise be unreachable. Your gift today will make a real difference for those who would otherwise go without food.

Your meals may be the only assistance children and families in the toughest places receive. Many times the humanitarian aid you help supply is the only reason local staff teams can continue ministry to those who are suffering.

With 50 million people on the verge of famine, your gift has never been more important. Your support will ensure children and families receive the lifesaving nutrition they need — and hear about Jesus for the first time.

Will you give today to saves lives and share the eternal hope of Jesus in the toughest places?

Nasir Exclaimed “Now I Know Who Jesus Is”

When war broke out in his homeland, Nasir* and his family were forced to flee with nothing more than the items they could carry. Local Unto® team members met them while they were living in a refugee camp in Lebanon.

Our team members provided the family with meals and began building a relationship with them. Nasir is very religious and had memorized large portions of his holy book. He wondered how his new friends could be sure the message of eternal hope was true.

They offered to show him the JESUS film. The whole family sat down to watch.

Halfway through the film, Nasir stood up and exclaimed, “It is clear that Jesus is a divine person, NOT a normal human like the others.”

The family continued watching and by the end of the film Nasir told his family, “Now I know who Jesus is. I can see it clearly … can’t you?”

That day all seven people in Nasir’s family responded to the message of hope in Jesus. The local team continues to follow up with them.

Your gift of meals meets the immediate needs of families like Nasir’s and creates opportunities for them to hear about Jesus for the first time.


*Name changed for security purposes.