Share Help and Hope in the Toughest Places

Making the Maximum Impact in the Toughest Places

We live in unprecedented times. War has broken out in Eastern Europe. Supplies are short. Prices are skyrocketing — and hunger is rising. For those living in the toughest places, the impact of all these things is devastating.

Many of these people have never heard about the hope Jesus gives. But right now you have a special opportunity to share help AND hope with people in the toughest places.

Your donation will provide ministry support where most urgently needed to impact children, families, and war victims struggling to survive.

Here is why your giving is essential at this time. The Maximum Impact Fund supports three key programs: Food and Agriculture, Clean Water, and Critical Aid. It also enables a quick response to additional emergency requests. Without these funds we risk canceling projects with international staff teams who count on humanitarian assistance to meet people’s immediate needs and provide access for ministry in more than 50 countries next year.

Your gift today will provide ministry support where most urgently needed. You will also help feed hungry children, serve families in need of clean water, and provide lifesaving critical aid to war victims. Most importantly your gift will open doors for the message of Jesus to be shared in the toughest places on earth.

Will you partner with us to provide help for suffering people — and share the hope of Jesus?

Food and Hope for Ayana and Her Family

As part of a nomadic people group in Ethiopia, Ayana’s* community depends on the rain to grow grass for their pasture animals. When drought struck the country, and everything dried up, they were left with no source of food or income.

On the day local Unto staff members visited Ayana in her hut, they learned that she had just given birth to a new baby a week before. She had no food for herself or her two other children. When they brought meals and supplies to her, she knew it was from God.

Ayana’s people group follows a tribal religion and she knew little if anything about Jesus. Through the relationship that was built, a local staff member was able to share about the hope of Jesus, and Ayana made a decision to follow Jesus in response to the message!

You can be part of a story like Ayana’s by providing families with humanitarian aid and opportunities to learn about Jesus. Will you consider a generous gift to help where most urgently needed today?

*Name changed for security purposes.

Abib Was Overwhelmed by the Kindness Shown to His Family

The global refugee crisis is surging. More than 82 million people have been displaced from their homes due to wars, economic collapse, disasters, persecution, and more. This is the highest figure since World War II.

Abib* and his three daughters are among the millions of refugees in the Middle East. His wife died of cancer. He is also very sick and unable to work. He struggles to access the basic necessities he and his daughters need.

Our local staff team members went to visit him on Christmas Eve, bringing him meals. Tears filled his eyes. Our staff members shared about the hope of Jesus. He told them,

Many people saw me in the street but didn’t find compassion or love for me … you have filled my heart with joy.

People remember the first time they experience the kindness of Jesus. As a result they want to know more about God’s love. You can be the first to express the kindness of Jesus to a suffering individual or family. 

*Name changed for security purposes

You Can Express Kindness to Suffering People


You Can Help Provide a Sustainable Water Source

Shortages of safe, clean water create the most significant source of suffering on earth. In this video, learn how access to safe, clean water can transform an entire community.

Watch FRONTLINE Short: Sharing Hope in The Gambia to see the newly drilled well in one local Gambian community.

 You Can Help Provide a Sustainable Food Source

In the toughest places people are often unable to grow food during the dry season due to the lack of rain. As a result children and their families lack the nutrition they need.

Watch the video to see how helping a community plant a garden and install a simple bucket drip irrigation system enables them to grow food year-round.

Making the Maximum Impact in the Toughest Places

In a year that seems out of control in so many ways, God is still at work — orchestrating events according to His perfect plan. We have seen it, even in the toughest places, and we want to share these stories of hope with you.

Watch the replay of the webinar, Making the Maximum Impact in the Toughest Places, for an inside look at what is happening in the field. You will hear from President and CEO, Al Goff, and Director of Communications, Katie Carpintero, as they share insights, field updates, and stories about how your support impacts people in the toughest places.