Share Help and Hope in the Toughest Places

Your Gift Can Make the Maximum Impact!

Drought. War. Natural disasters. The global food crisis.

So many people are suffering around the world. But as extreme as their physical suffering is, there is an even greater crisis in our world. Today more than three billion people worldwide have never heard about Jesus.

Although the needs are greater than ever, so is the opportunity to share the hope of Jesus! That is why today we are asking you to maximize your impact by partnering with Unto® to meet people’s physical and spiritual needs.

The Maximum Impact Fund supports the ministry’s three key programs: Food and Agriculture, Clean Water, and Critical Aid where most urgently needed. It also enables a quick response to the many emergency requests we are receiving during the current humanitarian crises.

Without these funds we risk canceling projects with international staff teams. These teams are counting on humanitarian assistance to provide access to unreached people in 27 countries over the next few months.

Your gift today will  provide ministry support where most urgently needed. You will also help feed hungry children, serve families in need of clean water, and provide lifesaving critical aid to war victims. Most importantly, your gift will open doors for the message of Jesus to be shared in the toughest places on earth.

Will you partner with us to provide twice the help for suffering people — and share the hope of Jesus?

Harim Just Had to Reach His People

Together with partners like Harim*, Unto is serving in hard-to-reach areas to meet the physical and spiritual needs of people who have never heard about Jesus.

After leaving South Sudan during the civil war, Harim returned to his home country to tell the people in his village about Jesus. But instead of a warm reception, he faced extreme resistance. The people ran him out of town and threatened to kill him if he ever came back — simply because he followed Jesus.

Despite the risks Harim kept going back. He discovered the key to gaining access to his community was providing humanitarian aid.

His village had no church, no school, and no clean water. The people’s only source of water for miles was a dirty lake. The water was so contaminated that it was literally killing people.

The local Unto staff team partnered with Harim to drill a well in his home village and everything changed. At the well opening ceremony, the JESUS film was shown, and over 100 people responded to the message!

You can be part of a story like this one by providing families with lifesaving humanitarian aid and opportunities to learn about Jesus. Would you consider a generous gift to help where most urgently needed today?

*Name changed for security purposes.

You Can Help Resolve the Greatest Humanitarian Crisis

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