Your Gift to the Maximum Impact Fund Will Help Where Most Urgently Needed

We live in unprecedented times. The convergence of COVID-19 with locust plagues, famine, economic meltdowns, global shutdowns, and more have left millions more people in need of humanitarian assistance.

The United Nations recently warned, The COVID-19 pandemic and resulting recession are set to trigger the first increase in global poverty in three decades, pushing 265 million people to the point of starvation by the end of the year.”

Although the needs are greater than ever, so is the opportunity to share the hope of Jesus! Today you can maximize your impact by partnering with Unto® to meet people’s physical and spiritual needs.

Your gift will provide ministry support to impact orphans in need of food, families searching for clean water, and refugees who have been abandoned by local governments.

Here is why your giving is essential at this time. The Maximum Impact Fund supports the ministry’s three programs: Food and Agriculture, Clean Water, and Critical Aid. It also enables a quick response to emergency requests. Your gift will help where most urgently needed — ensuring agile, effective ministry continues.

Without these funds, we risk cancelling projects with international partners who are counting on humanitarian assistance to serve people in 16 countries.

Will you partner with us to provide help to suffering people — and share the hope of Jesus? 

Maximize Your Impact to Share Help and Hope

You Can Help Give Hope to People Who Struggle to Survive

In every challenge or difficulty, we need hope — not just for this life but for eternity. This hope is our mission. Unto® works to relieve suffering, restore dignity, and reveal the hope of Jesus to people in the toughest places on earth. With your partnership this Christmas season, we can share that mission with even more orphans, refugees, and families around the world.

Watch Express Kindness. Reveal Hope. to learn more about how we fulfill this mission and how with your help, we can make the maximum impact this year end.

Stories From the Toughest Places and Your Impact

In a year that seems out of control in so many ways, God is still at work — orchestrating events according to His perfect plan. We have seen it, even in the toughest places, and we want to share these stories of hope with you.

Watch the replay of the webinar, Stories from the Toughest Places and Your Impact, for an inside look at what is happening in the field. You will hear from President and CEO, Al Goff, and Vice President of Field Operations, Brad Supple, about how people continue to receive humanitarian aid and hear about the hope of Jesus in such unusual times.

A Tanzanian Village Is Transformed by a Water Well

Every 2 minutes a child dies from a water-related illness. But lives are saved for years to come when a clean water well is drilled or repaired. And with every new or repaired well, the eternal hope of Jesus is shared and new churches are planted. In one Tanzanian village hundreds of people visit their new well daily, and as a result the entire village has been transformed. Watch New Life: Longa Lambogo to see how water gives life. And find out how you can be a part of more transformations like this one when you give to clean water through our gift catalog.

Clean Water Points to the Source of Living Water

Five thousand people living in a village in Northern Uganda were without a source of safe, clean water. The lack of clean water affected everyone in the village, including the staff and students at the local primary school.

In this FRONTLINE Short Unto® Field Strategy Representative, Anne Hendrick, shares how your partnership led to drilling a new water well in the village and distributing school supplies to the children. As a result people also heard about Jesus, the Provider of living water.