Maximize Your Impact in the Toughest Places

Your Matching Gift Will Relieve Suffering for More People in 2024

The global humanitarian crisis is not slowing down. A record 362 million people  will require humanitarian assistance this year. Early 2024 projections indicate that suffering will remain at an all-time high.

People in the toughest places cannot access the food, clean water, or critical aid they need to survive and thrive. But even worse than the physical crisis they face is that most have also never heard about Jesus.

By partnering with Unto® you can meet the physical and spiritual needs of individuals who often have no other help or support. Today we ask you to consider a gift to establish a year-end match that will set the pace for all God will do as we seek to serve those in crisis in the upcoming year.

In the first quarter of  fiscal year 2024, our Cru® staff teams in 27 countries are counting on Unto to provide humanitarian assistance and coaching as part of their ministry strategies in the toughest places. A year-end matching grant is essential for reaching our year-end fundraising goal — and ensuring we can fulfill our commitments to provide lifesaving aid to suffering people and create opportunities for local staff teams to share the hope of Jesus.

Your gift by December 31 will help fulfill the most urgent requests for Food and Agriculture, Clean Water, and Critical Aid toward a goal of $2,740,000. Gifts to the Maximum Impact Fund will provide the operational and program support needed to serve people in 27 countries in 2024 and beyond.

Thank you for considering this important request to provide humanitarian aid and share the message of eternal hope with those who are in crisis and have never heard about Jesus. Together we can relieve suffering, restore dignity, and reveal hope to more people in the toughest places on earth.