Rush Aid to People in Closed Countries

Every $10 ships and delivers $100 worth of lifesaving aid!

“Humanitarian aid provides us with access to a whole country. It gives us credibility with the government. And it allows us to be the hands and feet of Jesus.”

That is what our local staff members, serving in a closed country in Africa, recently shared. The only reason ministry is allowed to continue in this place is because people like you provided humanitarian aid.

Over the past year COVID-19, wars, and disasters have driven more people than ever into poverty. In the country mentioned above, where our team members serve, more than 40 percent of the population lives on less than $2 a day.

Right now every $10 you give assembles, ships, and distributes $100 worth of lifesaving critical aid. Meals, clothing, blankets, medical supplies, and more will be given to suffering people living in the toughest places on earth, including areas that are completely closed to the message of eternal hope.

Currently, Unto® has 13 HUGE containers of lifesaving aid ready to send within the next 90 days. They are going to 11 tough places, including two new closed countries where we just gained access to ship supplies.

But to ship and distribute lifesaving aid, funding is needed by March 1. Each container costs an average of $27,000 to ship, so your gift today is important.

Most items have been donated or purchased at a deep discount, so every dollar you give sends 10 times its value in lifesaving aid — and opens doors for ministry to take place.

Your donation will ensure people facing food insecurity, war, and displacement receive meals, clothing, medical supplies, and other aid.

Will you give today to rush help — and share hope — with suffering people?

Rush Lifesaving Aid to People in Tough Places

Joseph Risks His Life to Share Help and Hope

Joseph* serves in one of the most unreached places on earth — where people are persecuted and even killed for sharing about Jesus.

Joseph is a missionary trained in effective ways to express the kindness of Jesus. The humanitarian aid you provide opens the door for him to build relationships within the community and ultimately to share the eternal hope of Jesus.

He often serves refugees who have been forced from their homes due to conflict and disaster. He distributes nourishing meals to hungry families. He provides them with blankets and tarps so they can stay warm and protected from harsh weather. He gives the children school supplies, so they can learn and build a brighter future.

At great personal risk Joseph also carries Christian materials with him. Recently a man he shared the material with returned to Joseph saying, “I need 50 [more] of these. I have friends searching for truth.”  

*Name changed and representative photo used for security purposes.

Man receives tarps to protect his family from weather