Every $10 you give ships $100 of lifesaving aid!

For people in the toughest places, your generosity means more than a meal, clothing, or a wheelchair — it means survival and a new life.

Right now so many people around the world need lifesaving aid — and need to hear the life-giving message of Jesus. Currently, Unto® has six HUGE containers filled with lifesaving supplies just waiting to be shipped.

But in order for the items to reach their destinations on time, $162,000 is needed by June 30.

Your generous gift will ship and distribute meals, water filters, tarps for shelter, medical supplies, clothing, and more. Your gift of any size will deliver 10 times its value in lifesaving help and hope.

The next 60 days are critical for our field staff teams and their work in tough places. They are counting on this aid to meet immediate needs in places like Africa, the Middle East, and Central Asia — and to provide opportunities to share the eternal hope of Jesus with those who might otherwise be unreachable.

All the aid has been donated or purchased at deep discounts. So all we need are the funds to ship and distribute the essential items. Your gift will bring new life to children, families, and refugees.

Will you give a gift today to provide opportunities to share the hope of Jesus by sending critically needed supplies to suffering people where many other agencies will not go?

Thank you for your partnership to relieve suffering, restore dignity, and reveal HOPE in the toughest places on earth.

Bring Lifesaving Aid and Hope to the Toughest Places

Your Partnership Helped Save Miriam from Malnutrition

Goats nibble at pieces of trash as brown, dirty water trickles beneath their feet. The smell of sewage hangs in the air. Painted cement structures stand out against tin walls. This is the city slum — the place Miriam calls home.

Many of the mothers living here have been abandoned, left to care for their children alone. They do their best to take on small jobs to bring home food, but it is seldom enough to feed hungry stomachs and nourish growing bodies.

As a result Miriam and the other children were malnourished and dangerously close to death. Realizing something had to be done, a local woman named Aicha* decided to intervene. She reached out to our local field team members to see if they could help.

“We knew we could do better than just provide food,” our team member shared. “We could help get these children back to a healthy weight.”

Thanks to your support Unto’s local staff teams began delivering meals and measuring the children’s growth. Within three months the children were healthy and thriving, no longer malnourished and on the brink of starvation. Many families have also heard about Jesus.

Your gifts to ship meals and other critical supplies make all the difference for children like Miriam — reviving their health and revealing the hope of Jesus even in the toughest places on earth.

Bring Lifesaving Aid and Hope to the Toughest Places