Your Generosity Relieves Suffering and Offers Hope

These have been difficult days for us here in America. But in countries already wracked with poverty, the past few months have been devastating.

Right now, we have a special opportunity for you to share hope. Currently, we have $1.3 million worth of aid ready to go — seven HUGE containers are waiting. All that is needed are the funds to ship and deliver the aid.

Your gift of just $10 will provide $100 worth of supplies like food, medical supplies, clothing, water filters, and blankets to the most vulnerable. Your gift of any size will deliver 10 times its value in lifesaving aid.

Because aid is delivered by our national team members, recipients will have the opportunity to learn about the eternal hope of Jesus. But we need your help by August 15 to ensure these containers of aid arrive on time!

For almost 30 years, Unto™ has leveraged strategic global partnerships to relieve suffering through humanitarian aid. And because we work through an extensive network of in-country Cru® partners in over 35 countries to distribute supplies.

We are trusting God to provide $140,000 to keep supplies moving to their destination. The aid has all been donated or purchased at deep discounts. So only the funding to ship and deliver the items is needed.

Every $10 you give now ships $100 of lifesaving aid and shares hope with those who need it most. That means your gift will do 10 times as much good!

Due to COVID-19 our staff members are monitoring shipments, adjusting strategies, and communicating with national team members so we are positioned to make the most impact. But we need your help!

You can make a significant difference in the lives of people around the world — relieving suffering, restoring dignity, and revealing the eternal hope of Jesus with those in the toughest places on earth.

Will you consider a generous gift to send help and hope today?

Help Share Eternal Hope to People in Crisis

“An Unforgettable Day”

Over the past few months people living in the Horn of Africa — who already face extreme poverty — have watched deadly landslides wash away villages, locust plagues devour crops, and the coronavirus pandemic cripple economies and claim lives.

Their situation could have been almost hopeless. But a shipment of aid funded by people like you arrived just in time, right before these terrible events took place.

Thanks to your generous support, Unto™ and our local partners in one small country provided food, blankets, and clothing to people in great need.

A mother with young children told us:

“Today is an unforgettable day … We would like to thank those merciful people who brought blankets and rice into our village. Today will be for us a day to celebrate our help.”

Another woman summarized how so many people feel:

“We didn’t know there are still some people aware of us, but today we get hope that merciful people want to help a weak community like us.”

Because you helped ship aid at just the right time, those who once felt forgotten have now experienced the unforgettable kindness of Jesus when they needed it most.

Help Share Eternal Hope to People in Crisis