Rush Help to People in Closed Countries

Every $10 = $40 worth of lifesaving aid!

Global suffering is at an all-time high. People in closed countries and other tough places lack access to the help and hope they need.   

Right now you can help families in critical need. Every $10 you give assembles, ships, and distributes $40 worth of lifesaving aid. Meals, water filters, medical supplies, and more will be given to people living in the toughest places, including areas that are completely closed to the message of Jesus. Most importantly your support will open doors for spiritual conversations to take place at the right time.

Over the next four months, Unto® plans to send 18 HUGE shipping containers packed with lifesaving aid. This is the largest number of shipments the ministry has ever planned for a four-month period. They are going to 16 countries, including 11 that are traditionally closed to the message of Jesus!

Most of the supplies have been donated or purchased at a deep discount. So every gift you give sends 4 times its value in lifesaving aid — and opens doors for ministry to take place in some of the most unreached areas on earth.

Will you give today to rush help and hope to people in closed countries and other tough places?

Sharing Hope With Those Who Have Never Heard

The Antar* family lives in a closed Middle Eastern country where less than two percent of the population knows Jesus. And those who respond to the message of eternal hope may face severe persecution.

Despite the risk, Unto® continues to serve through Cru® partnerships. The main reason their ministry is allowed to continue is because people like you provide the humanitarian aid.  

When our local staff team met the Antars, they quickly discovered this refugee family of eight was struggling in their new country. The father cannot work due to a debilitating medical condition. They frequently lack the food and necessities they need to survive.

Because people like you helped ship humanitarian aid to places like this one, the local staff team was able to provide all six of their children with meals and clothing. They were overjoyed and so grateful!

Previously, the Antar family did not have a clear understanding of the message of eternal hope. As our team members faithfully served them and tangibly met needs, they have also had opportunities to share about Jesus. The father listens intently and wants to know more. He has not responded to the message yet, but our staff team prays he and his entire family will one day respond.

Together we are serving families like this one who live in the toughest places — where people cannot afford basic supplies, where war has left them struggling to survive, where very few have ever heard about Jesus, and where persecution abounds. Your support creates opportunities for ministry to take place and provides our staff teams with access to those who might otherwise be unreachable.

*Name changed for security purposes.

Rush help to people in the toughest places