Provide COVID Medical Relief to People in India

You Can Help Hospitals Care for Patients in South Asia

While COVID-19 is declining across the United States, it rages across the developing world — ravaging entire cities and communities in India and South Asia. With hundreds of thousands of new cases a day, hospitals are overwhelmed as people wait in line to receive lifesaving medical treatment. Hundreds of thousands are expected to lose their lives to COVID-19 over the next few months.

With a network of staff members in over 190 countries around the world, Cru® is uniquely positioned to respond with strategies that meet physical and spiritual needs. Together with our India national staff team and our partners at Unto®, the humanitarian ministry of Cru, we have developed a strategy to serve suffering people in hard-hit areas by providing pandemic relief to hospitals serving marginalized communities around India.

We know you care deeply about the difficulties people face due to COVID-19 in India and South Asia. By partnering with us, you can help save lives and share the love of Jesus at this critical time.

By providing lifesaving critical aid and other essential medical supplies, we can strengthen the effectiveness of our teams in India, giving them more opportunities to serve their communities and share the hope of Jesus.

We are partnering with eight hospitals around India that faithfully demonstrate Jesus’ example to care for the sick by providing medical help. Systems are already in place to ensure resources are distributed immediately — but your gift is needed immediately to provide help and hope to those who need it most.

Resources will go directly to the hospitals to help cover the needs of COVID-19 patients and ensure the hospitals can sustain themselves beyond the immediate crisis. Funding will provide for things like:

  • Patient Welfare — Meals designed to supply patients’ nutritional needs
  • Infrastructure — Oxygen plant installation, beds, and carts
  • Medical Equipment — Oxygen concentrators, ventilator, cardiac monitors, and non-invasive ventilation machines
  • Personnel Expenses — Salaries for COVID-19 nurses and ward staff

Through your gift, people facing COVID-19 will be given the best possible treatment to support their health and recovery. They will also experience God’s love and kindness as His followers serve people at their greatest time of need.

Will you give today to help save lives in India?

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