I Once Was Blind

How the Kindness of Jesus Helps People See Clearly

By Amanda DeWitt

Gladys just wanted to be able to read her Bible. Over time her eyes had deteriorated to the point that she struggled to make out any of the blurry words.

Recently Unto® team members were able to spend three days in Gladys’ village of Hoima, Uganda, where they held vision clinics and distributed much-needed eyeglasses. Gladys watched as other villagers had their eyes tested using a standard eyechart. But when she reached the front of the line, she insisted her eyes be tested using the Bible instead of the chart.

All that mattered to Gladys was that she would be able to read her Bible more clearly. And thanks to generous partners, she now has a new pair of glasses that allows her to see and read once again.

Sight Is Precious

Few of us have known the pain and difficulty that blindness and impaired vision bring. But ask anyone who has lived with this struggle, and they will quickly tell you how it affects every aspect of their daily life.

For men, women, and children in the developing world, problems with vision and lack of access to simple items like reading glasses present huge barriers to education, opportunities for employment, and simply reading a book.

Researchers report that 1 to 2.5 billion people worldwide need eyeglasses but do not have access to them. It is a huge humanitarian crisis, but one that is relatively easy to fix given the proper resources.

And it makes a huge difference — especially for people like Gladys, who long to complete daily tasks and do things like read their Bible once again.

Amazing Grace

For many of us the metaphor of being blind but now able to see is especially significant. All of us have known spiritual blindness. The feeling of darkness, despair, and eternal hopelessness that shrouds our days and keeps us up at night. Nothing seems to budge the gloom — except grace.

When the kindness of Jesus interrupts our darkness and sheds new light on life, the blindness resolves and we see clearly for the first time. Such an experience leaves us changed, and we cannot help but to want others to experience the same amazing grace.

Take a few moments to reflect on your own story. Think about the blindness you have known. Consider how God’s grace transformed you — giving you sight and allowing you to experience His eternal hope.

Now how can you pass it on? Grace is too good to keep to ourselves. Often it is the kindness of Jesus, expressed in tangible ways, that softens hearts and opens doors for people to experience His hope.

How will you help others who are blind to see? How will you share His amazing grace?

Published June 6, 2019


Amanda is a freelance writer whose work has appeared in Gift for Leadership, Kindred Spirit, and Christianity Today publications. She holds a M.A. in Media and Communication from Dallas Theological Seminary.