Maximize Your Impact in the Toughest Places

Your gift will be matched up to $300,000!

The United Nations reports that more than 239 million people will require humanitarian assistance this year. It is the highest figure in decades as COVID-19, wars, and disasters continue to leave people without the food, clean water, and basic items they need to survive. 

Now is the time to make a difference in the lives of people who live in these tough situations.

One humanitarian expert challenges us, “We can let 2021 be the year of the grand reversal — the unravelling of 40 years of progress — or we can work together to make sure we all find a way out of this pandemic.”

When you give to Unto® you maximize your impact to meet the physical needs of suffering people. Will you consider a generous gift to the Maximum Impact Fund that will express kindness to THOUSANDS of people in 2022? Any amount you give — up to $300,000 by December 13, 2021 — qualifies for a dollar-for-dollar match!

From October 2021 through January 2022, our Cru® staff teams in 26 countries are counting on Unto to provide humanitarian assistance as part of their ministry strategies in the toughest places.

To provide support where most urgently needed and keep our promises to field team leaders through our main programs — Food and Agriculture, Clean Water, and Critical Aid — $682,780 is needed by December 31. This flexible funding provides operational and logistical support for the three programs and allows us to respond to requests for emergency assistance due to disasters and crises.

Without this funding we risk losing momentum in tough places and canceling projects with international Cru partners whose work depends on humanitarian assistance. As a humanitarian organization it is essential that we remain nimble to accommodate field needs as they arise.

By giving to the Maximum Impact Fund, you can help can avoid this “grand reversal” — the unravelling of 40 years of progress — and ensure hope is shared with more people in the toughest places on earth. Your donation will be matched dollar for dollar, up to $300,000 through December 31, 2021.

Will you give today to express kindness to a suffering child, family, or a refugee?

Make the Maximum Impact in the Toughest Places