PACKHOPE Experience With Corporations

Are you seeking a purposeful service opportunity for the people in your organization or corporation? By hosting a PACKHOPE Experience, you and your volunteers will serve people who do not have enough food to eat and live in the toughest places on earth. You will help relieve their suffering, restore their dignity, and reveal hope. We provide two options — a fun event packing meals or seeds.

For nearly 30 years, Unto® has leveraged strategic global partnerships and the service of dedicated volunteers like yours to relieve suffering through humanitarian aid in our 190-country network.

Why Host a PACKHOPE Experience?

  • Lives around the world are changed as people receive hope when their physical needs are met.
  • Your volunteers enjoy a fun, active experience that provides a nutritious source of food for hungry people.
  • You receive the joy of helping others.
  • Partnership with Unto is an avenue for hope and social responsibility.

PackHope for People in the Toughest Places on Earth

Your organization can provide rice and beans or lentils to people living where there is a shortage of food.

Your organization can provide vegetable seeds for people in need of a sustainable food supply.

Contact Us to Learn More

Our PACKHOPE coordinators are ready to offer an excellent event for your church or group. Please complete the following form to share proposed dates, the number of people you hope to involve, a possible venue for the event, and other information. We will work with you to custom design a fantastic partner experience that produces supplies to meet significant needs around the world.